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Amsterdam’s reputation is enough to make anyone want to visit, let alone when you see the incredible range of elite models available at Ivana Models. As a reputable agency in cities across the world we’re the perfect service for anyone looking to escape the stress of everyday life by enjoying the company of a hot lady. We’re open throughout the week offering outcalls with elite Amsterdam escorts who enjoy providing a range of kinky escort services. 

We currently have a hugely diverse selection of blondes, brunettes, mature women, busty Amsterdam escorts and more, all providing catered experiences to gentlemen across the city.  Feel free to browse the profiles of escorts in Amsterdam so you’re able to find the right lady for you, all of which come with accurate information and 100% real photos so you’re able pick and choose with confidence.


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VIP Escort Service Amsterdam, Netherlands

Diverse Range Of Amsterdam Escorts

When it comes to the level of diversity among the companions throughout our gallery, you can expect to find both local ladies and exotic hotties from all over the world. Perhaps you’re more attracted to Latinas? Or maybe a fiery girl from Eastern Europe? We’ve got plenty of options for both! In having such well-travelled and cultural ladies, you can rely on Amsterdam escorts that will thrive in any social situation.

VIP Amsterdam Services

Our reputation as elite services doesn’t just come from having the hottest models in the world but also from the level of freedom you have to arrange the date you want. For example, bookings are available both pre-booked and on short notice for you to enjoy your date when it suits you. What’s more, you can also request these high class Amsterdam escorts to outcall directly to you at bars, restaurants, hotels etc, just be sure to let us know beforehand. 

Why People Always Choose Ivana Models 

If you’re wondering what sets our agency above the rest, then look no further than our customer service. It wouldn’t be right for us to call ourselves the best escort service Amsterdam has to offer if we didn’t have a high level of support to back it up. There are so many agencies that fail to meet expectations, something we refuse to let happen when gentlemen come to us for their daily dose of pleasure. Our phone lines are open throughout the week between 10:00 and 24:00 to provide any extra information, as well as assist in getting your date booked in. So, feel free to call, text or WhatsApp us whenever you need help! 

How To Apply To Ivana Models Escort Agency

We also welcome applications from any self-employed models in the city of Amsterdam. Our website is regularly visited by gentlemen worldwide so don’t miss the exciting chance for bookings from big spenders all over the globe. All you need to do to apply is send us details about yourself via our ‘Application’ page. Click here to apply.

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Overnight Stay

A selection of hotels in Amsterdam


If you want to spend more than just the night in Amsterdam, you are in good hands at the Conservatorium Hotel. The choice begins with the rooms. Here you can book rooms, suites, signature suites and even an exclusive wing for yourself and your VIP escort guests. The rooms have a modern design and are furnished with great attention to detail. If you feel right at home, so that you don’t want to leave the hotel in the first place, you’ll find an Asian-inspired restaurant, a spectacular brasserie with a glazed inner courtyard and a chic bar inside the hotel. There are also private dining rooms for an intimate romantic date with your escort lady. For those who prefer to stay together in the room, there is, of course, In-Room Dining. In the Conservatorium you also benefit from a rich wellness offer and museum packages.

W Amsterdam

W Amsterdam is divided into two unique buildings. You have the choice. Together with your high class escort you can wake up to the impressive views that the vibrant city offers. Of these exchange rooms, the W offers 172 and 10 suites. If you prefer a quieter atmosphere, the Bank Rooms are your first choice. The 66 rooms and the 13 suites offer the ideal space to relax in the hotel’s own spa or to train in the gym. If you can’t make up your mind, try both hotel buildings.

More to know about the city


The high class escorts are versed and interested in many different topics, and they will appreciate a visit to the Rijksmuesum. Together, you can marvel at the works of art by Rembrandt, such as the Night Watch or Vermeer’s Milkmaid.
When in Amsterdam, do not miss out on a tour along the Grachten. Snuggle together and get to know the city from a interestingly different perspective and see the most beautiful sights from the water. Past every small bridge, there are new things to see, which will tell a little more about the story of the city. A tour on the Grachten during a warm summer night comes highly recommended! Take your escort lady in your warming arms and enjoy the cool from the waters as you relish this moment together.

Maritime Museum

A special highlight for the visitors, for the ones that are interested in the seafaring character of the city, is the maritime museum in Amsterdam. During the bloom of Dutch sea-faring, the museum held the „Zeemagazijn“, the arsenal of the Dutch admiralty. In the building, with an impressive courtyard, you will witness the historic development of the Dutch Navy, spread out over multiple floors. The navy was a powerful foundation for the Netherlands to rise as a commercial nation. The three masted „Amsterdam“ is a proud ship, that you should visit. Experience the feeling of traveling together with 350 people and the hardships they had to endure during their journeys. Right next to it, you find the royal bark. A gorgeous ship, which was the official vessel of the Dutch Crown, when major events were held in Amsterdam.


The most prominent museum of the city is the „Rijksmuseum“. The museum was renovated elaborately until 2013 and now shows many painting from the so called „Golden Era“ of Rembrandt or Jan Vemeer. This period counts as the historically most impactful time of the modern Netherlands. Show your escort modern art, as well as works by Ruben or Goya. You will quickly notice the high class escort ladies are interested in the history of art and like to converse about it as well.
Should you want to look at the life works of Rembrandt, you should take you escort girl to the Rembrandt House. Luckily, the building was bought by the city of Amsterdam and restored a few decades ago, saving it from demolition. After the elaborate reconstruction, you can now enjoy the artworks of Rembrandt together.


But this is not the only museum to be found in Amsterdam. If you would like, you can stroll arm in arm alongside of the Grachten, to the Museumsplein to the Van-Gogh-Museum. The painter is known for his intensive colors, really something to experience with your high class escort model. The architechture is really worth seeing and combined with the rush of colors, this makes for a nice experience. Make sure to buy a ticket upfront, so you do not have to wait in the queue with your escort lady. There are more pleasant things in the world, other than waiting for your ticket.

Stedelijk Museum

Do you prefer contemporary art? It does not come to a surprise that Amsterdam has you covered as well: The Stedelijk Museum! See works of world-known artists and design greats. In the permanent exhibitions you will get to see the influence of Coubertin, Mondriaan, Picasso, Chagal oder Andy Warhol, just to name a few. Understand how the different artists influenced each other and how they inspired their creativity. The escort girls have seen a lot of art, but this exhibition will definitely impress them.

Anne-Frank House

A visit to the Anne-Frank House is quiet and more thoughtful, it tells the story of the tragic life of the young Anne Frank. We suggest getting a ticket in advance. The Oude Kerk and the king’s palace are a highly recommended visit as well. You will not the king here very often, since the palace is primarily used for the representation and not as a living residence.


In the park, but right in the middle of the city – thanks to the Vondelpark, the green hotspot of the city. The park is popular and the are a lot of quiet spots, where you and your high class escort girl can steal away from curious looks. Take in the atmosphere and the cheerful mood and look forward to a great evening together. If you like, treat you escort girl to a picknick and enjoy champagne on the grass or a nice shaded spot. The dutch are very open and tolerant, kissing and sensual embraces are the expression of this unique lifestyle.

A’Dam Lookout

The best view of Amsterdam can be had from the A’Dam Lookout, a 360 degree panorama platform. From there, you have a amazing view of the port and the old city. There is nothing more romantic than watching the sun set over the city. Drift on the good vibes together with your high class escort and live in the here and now.
Are you up for a little thrill? Then the A’Dam Lookout is the place for you! On this building you can find the highest swing „Over the Edge“. Take a swing over the edge and feel the excitement and surely earn the appreciation of your escort girl. Or you give it a try together – a thrilling way to connect with each other!

The tolerant side of the city shows itself with a walk through the red light district of the city. The quarter „De Wallen“ is in close vicinity to the main station. The Grachten „Oudezijds Voorburgwal“ and „Oudezijds Achterburgwal“ are the center of the quarter, and you would be wrong to think that people here are only looking for quick pleasure. The streets are more of a magnet for millions of people, looking through the windows, characteristic for Amsterdam. What would be looked down upon in other cities, is an accepted social activity here. Therefore it is not unusual to visit a Sex-Show as a couple. The ideal time to visit is the evening. That is when the city wakes up and the quarter lights up in red. Also not a big surprise: Amsterdam has the first and oldest sex museum. On three levels the museum explains everything that you did not dare to ask or think. And who knows, maybe you have some questions for your high class escort lady.

Our restaurant recommendations

de silveren Spiegel

The restaurant “de silveren Spiegel“ is eye-catching. It lies in a quiet side street of the center (Kattengat 4-6) and serves Dutch as well as European cuisine of the the highest level. The house, build in in 1624, presents itself with impressive, authentic interior and a prime selection of dishes. We can highly recommend the six-course Wine and Dine Menu or you can discover your new favorite dish a la Carte. Should you want to impress your company during the summer, make sure to book a table on the cozy terrace.


In a former bakery, you can find the next top restaurant – the Vinkels. It is located at the Keizersgracht 384. In contrast to the Silveren Spiegel, you can find a more modern decor at Vinkels, and the cuisine is equally impressive. The guests rave about the dining and the excellent service. Here, you will find French and international dishes, really offering something for every taste. Make sure to book a table early enough, Vinkels is usually booked out for weeks. Should you want to take out your escort lady, you should plan timely and look forward to a glamorous evening and her shining eyes when she speaks of the visit to this exquisite restaurant.

La Rive

Directly at the Amstel, on the ground floor, you will find yet another highly recommended restaurant – the La Rive! The cuisine is also french mediterranean and you get to choose from varied menus or a la carte. The restaurant was awarded with a Michelin-Star and counts as one of the best addresses in Amsterdam.
Next to fine culinary specialties of the best class you will also find alternative cuisines in Amsterdam, which score with special interiors or exceptional creations. Here, you and your high class escort can indulge in the pleasures of a special evening. A day in Amsterdam with your escort lady is never an ordinary one. And it does not have to stop there come evening. Make sure the setting is right and forge exciting plans for the night in a special atmosphere.

de Kas

How about spending the evening in a greenhouse? The Restaurant de Kas is located in a former city greenhouse from 1920. What makes this restaurant impressive is the origin of the dishes. Fresh is truly fresh here: You will only find dishes on the menu, with vegetables which were just hand-picked on the same day. Therefore, you know right away where your food comes from! „De Kas“ is, by the way, one of the best restaurants of the city.

REM Eiland

A great alternative for a dinner in a unique setting is the REM Eiland. This is the former location of a pirate radio station, which was closed in 1964. During the winter, this is a great, cozy restaurant, paired with a great, elevated view from 22 meters up high. This offers an amazing view of the water and the surroundings. The true highlight is the sun terrace of the REM Eilands. Make sure to relax and dine here during the summer. The kitchen offers snacks for lunch or simple dishes, elaborate menus for dinner.


Are you and your escort lady in the mood for a surprise? Then, you should book a table at Supperclub. The concept is a popular idea in many big cities, so it should not be missed in Amsterdam. So, what can you and your company expect here? „Expect the unexpected“ is a good way to put it. There is a new and secret motto for every evening. And an evening that starts with a surprise, should definitely end with one!

De Culinaire Werkplaats

Equally fascinating is the De Culinaire Werkplaats – A concept restaurant! When stepping into the venue, you will probably ask yourself whether you landed in a design-studio or if this is the actual restaurant. The owner impresses with creative approaches for the preparation of the dishes. Just imagine to receive your menu with a specific theme such as „water“. Surprised? Yes, that is the idea. And we can guarantee that your high class escort lady has not dined like this before.


Izakaya is the culinary hotspot in Amsterdam. You and your high-class escort can look forward to a new interpretation of classic Japanese cuisine with a surprising South American twist. The “urban chic” restaurant is located at the feet of the renowned Sir Albert boutique hotel and offers a first-class entry into the evening.


The MR PORTER steakhouse is situated between two extremes. The extravagant and yet, the simple. In terms of taste palette and the look, you will find a combination of a rustic steakhouse flair and the vibe of a chic lounge. Just between heavenly and sinful dinner. Do you and your Amsterdam Premium Escort want to sin culinary? Then MR PORTER is the right place for you!

The Duchess

The Duchess invites you to spend the whole day in a unique culinary institution. Start the day like an aristocrat, with an exquisite breakfast that offers the finest, most powerful creations for the day. Afterwards, fans of extravagant tea will get their money’s worth in the “Tea Room”. Here you will also find delicious pastries and sweet delicacies. If you have had enough of the tea, you and your companion can choose one of the champagnes on offer. For lunch or dinner you can choose from a menu or order á la carte according to your culinary taste. We recommend the oxtail tortellini paired with chestnuts and tuber vegetables. If you would like a dessert, the menu awaits you with numerous other sweet temptations.

light house restaurant

A very exciting restaurant and definitely worth an early booking: The uninhabited light house restaurant! You will get to this small island with a boat and along with a few selected people. There, you will feast on a refined four- course menu under the roof of a greenhouse, very fitting for Amsterdam. Should you want to experience this pleasure with your escort lady, then the summer is the best time for it.

Look forward to an exciting time with your high class escort lady and treat the both of you to great experiences in Amsterdam.


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