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Hardly any woman would say no to a shopping holiday in Milan. However, it offers much more than just shopping and just as much for the gentlemen. If you are looking for a luxurious environment and a lot of class and style, you should definitely go to Milan – in the best case with one of the first-class high class escort lady, who you can book comfortably through our discreet escort agency. Let yourself be enchanted by the incomparable beauty and the world class ambience. Milan offers you from small, playful and traditional corners with sweet restaurants, hip cocktail bars, to majestic, glamorous streets and boutiques, really everything a heart might desire. Would you like to be right in the middle of the action and still enjoy some privacy with the beautiful VIP escort model? Then you should definitely visit the Mandarin Oriental Milan, a hotel that is only a few minutes away from the trendy and famous fashion district and can still offer you a quiet stay. You can make yourself at home in the private indoor pool of the luxury hotel, with a glass of bubbling champagne, if the trouble should become too much for you. 

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If you want to enjoy a small meal after such a relaxing bath, you don’t even have to leave the grandiose hotel, as it has its own excellent restaurant, the Seta, which offers you Italian cuisine and will certainly take your breath away! You will even be offered a meal in a private dining room if you wish. Delicious cocktails are of course also to be expected here. The hotel consists of five buildings, which are all connected to each other. Those who treat themselves to one of the luxury suites can count on a great view of the Milan Cathedral and enjoy all the modern furnishings. Likewise you and the high class escort lady will surely like the designer furniture of the famous artist Antonio Citterio. Each of the suites is equipped with its designer pieces. The hotel provides a little wellness on over 900 square meters. Here not only sauna visits, but whole beauty treatments and also hairdressers are offered. A good appearance is also assured in the Mandarin Oriental.

The Four Seasons Hotel Milan is also an attractive and cosy luxury hotel. This hotel is also located in the centre of the city, directly on the luxurious shopping mile of Milan. Every day you can expect a luxurious, very tasty breakfast that you can have together with your high class escort model. Here you will be presented with regional dishes and ingredients. The special hotel also provides delicious cocktails and some delicious desserts. The interior will enchant you within seconds. For a successful dinner, not only the food, but also the surroundings and the ambience must fit. The renowned restaurant Lume fulfils all these points outstandingly.

Quietly situated in an inner courtyard, the luxurious restaurant enchants many a guest. A seductive environment, which is kept in a great white tone and convinces by minimalism. Aesthetics is no foreign word here. The chef of the restaurant is located in an open kitchen so that you can watch and admire him at any time. It is no less a chef than Luigi Taglienti, who is highly regarded in Italy. Due to his origin in Savona, his dishes often get a light home-touch in the form of citrus and seafood. The Lume offers more than just a meal, it makes every visit an unforgettable culinary experience. Anyone who likes meat and would describe himself as a seafood lover will find here exactly what he likes and needs. With the charming high class escort girls Milan you are certainly in the right place.

If you want to visit another popular restaurant in Milan the next day, you can go to Il Liberty and be completely surprised. Thanks to the care and perfectionism of the chef Andrea Provenzani, this restaurant is a renowned and popular restaurant. The restaurant is divided into two smaller rooms and a larger lounge where you can have plenty of privacy. The design of the restaurant seems so unwanted, yet so perfect. An interplay of old bricks, bright colours and beautiful furniture from the 60s and 70s. In addition a few iron accents. The ambience is enchanting and yet so relaxed – the perfect environment to have dinner with your high class escort. The menus are creative and unique, as the chef always adds his own touch to give the dishes that certain touch. Anchovies, king crabs, tiramisu and much more make up the menu here. A varied and delicious selection of first-class ingredients and dishes. After a pleasant meal, you usually want to enjoy a nice cocktail. This can be done just in Milan at almost every corner.

Campari locals, trendy cocktail bars and pubs or luxury bars, Milan really offers everything in the field of fine alcohol. Where you should go best with your high class escort girl, see below. The Bulk Mixology Food Bar is a place where you can really relax, enjoy the time and almost stop. In the Bulk there is the possibility to simply drink a cup of coffee. You can also have a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or just a snack in between. The Bull is particularly famous for its excellent cocktails. All ingredients are exquisite and of high quality. You will find this location in Via Aristotile Fioravanti 6. Those who go to Via Ceresio, 7, to Ceresio 7 will be visually impressed by the unmistakable interior design, which offers extraordinary pictures and a combination of really colourful furniture, anyway designer lamps from the 30s. After the first impression you will be delighted with the delicious dishes based on a traditional cuisine, yet containing many special ingredients.

The Jazz Café in Milan is one of the most popular cafés in Milan. The clientele is international and very upscale. Sometimes celebrities can be seen indulging in jazz music and the heavenly atmosphere. Let the charm of the glamorous café convince you. Or you go, with the wonderful high class escort model, into the Iter Cocktailbar, which lives an international motto, “From Italy into the world”. A perfect mixture of traditional and cultural aspects and a modern, international touch can be expected here. For a little change from the bars, the shopping mile in Milan can be very suitable. Around the cathedral you will find all the stores and boutiques that men and women could wish for. Gucci, Chanel, Armani and many more can be found here. How would it be if you, with the stylish high class escort model, completely new dress and the special clothes and accessories that Milan has to offer you, wear and experience for yourself? Many of the pieces presented in Milan do not (yet) exist in other countries and cities. After all, Milan is the metropolis when it comes to shopping and glamour. Maybe a visit to Milan during Fashion Week isn’t a bad idea either. Such an experience is not offered every day, Ivana models wishes you a lot of fun and a romantic, glamorous time with your high class escort model in Milan.



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