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The cheerfully exciting holiday destination for all adventurous and party animals!

Nightclubs, bars, cocktails, wonderful nature, vibrant people and a heavenly Mediterranean that will take your breath away with its incredible beauty. Many people go to Ibiza to catch new vibes, enjoy excellent drinks and dance through the night. Ibiza offers excellent venues for this and probably one of the best cocktail cultures ever. Others just want to relax and unwind. Incidentally, those people will feel equally catered to by Ibiza. Wellness is the most important daytime activity here, in all its shapes and forms. The beautiful island of Ibiza offers you many possibilities if you want to experience a wellness trip of the highest class. 

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Travel escort Ibiza

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In the One Ibiza Suites, a luxury resort, which was deliberately built directly on the beach and for the sole purpose of pure relaxation, you can expect and admire chic furniture and bright, light colours. Surely the luxury suite will be perfect for you and your high class escort model. You can choose your personal favourite from over 86 suites. On the large roof terrace of the luxury resort you can make yourself comfortable and enjoy a delicious drink with your VIP escort lady. The cocktails creations are magically prepared for you directly in front of you. Of course, you will not be deprived of the wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea. The One Ibiza Suites also offers an extensive range of sports. Including a fitness studio – modern and with all kinds of equipment on offer. If you need a little or a lot of refreshments after the sport, you can sit down at Essence, the resort’s restaurant, and enjoy the exquisite meals and their prime ingredients. Here you can enjoy Mediterranean dishes made from the finest ingredients and the best spices. They also offer special menus for couples. So maybe just share a huge plate with your charming high class escort girl? Since it must not be missing at a well set table, you will be offered excellent and suitable wines. The One Ibiza presents a whole range of exquisite wines and fine champagne to you. For extra wishes, there is also something here ready, so that you can stock up at any time with other drinks and many culinary delicacies. For further tips on everything Ibiza has to offer, you can also contact the friendly and hospitable staff of this luxury accommodation. They are available around the clock to deliver everything you need right to your suite door.

Hands down, Ibiza is the favourite holiday spot and the luxury travel destination for many. The Cola Milene Villa adapts perfectly to these circumstances and offers luxurious fun on the beach. The resort’s lounge area is impressively large and beautifully decorated. The vibrant plants and the saturated greens play the leading role here. Each of the six suites has King Size beds where you can simply take it easy and have fun with your lovely vip escort model. Ibiza’s beaches are very close to the resort, so you can jump into the sea whenever it calls for you. Revel in the amazing weather and climate and witness the charming combination of luxury that includes designer furniture and the latest amenities. The accommodation also scores with an open and light design – enough space for fun and relaxation. Let yourself be captivated by the beauty of Ibiza together with the high class escort model. Enjoy your stay here!

Come dinner time, you get to decide with the VIP escort model, whether you prefer to dine in the elegant dining room or outside on the scenic terrace. We would prefer the terrace as we cannot resist such a beautiful view. The villa’s stunning infinity pool will captivate you and provide you with a relaxing experience par excellence. Sit back with a glass of champagne, the high class escort model at your side – a perfect flirt in the infinity pool. After the relaxation and by nighttime, you can easily reach the hottest clubs and bars of Ibiza.

Let us list a few clubs and bars that are particularly recommendable here. The Finca Can Basso is famous and notorious for mixing past and present. The old, traditional rural building has been renovated to resemble a luxury villa. Here you can be private with your premium escort girl and admire her beauty and that of the surroundings. On over 6 hectares of land you are both in quiet privacy! Peace, beach, luxury – all paired in one accommodation. In the private pool you can swim a little or pass the time with a drink – nobody will disturb you here! The mixture of robust materials and fine, delicate patterns makes this villa so unique and worth seeing. Spread over four bedrooms you can enjoy one or the other sensual hour with your personal high class escort model Ibiza. Of course, this can be done in the King Size beds of the villa. Completely isolated from any hustle and bustle, stress or the like, both of you can still go to the city centre at any time for a drink, a little shopping or a restaurant. Everything is in your comfortable reach.

Maybe you both would like to have dinner together at the Cobana Beachhouse, located in a quiet area of Playa d’en Bossa. Surrounded by palm trees, you can enjoy the most delicious dishes, mostly Mediterranean, while sipping on a drink. The view when you sit outside between palm trees and plants is breathtaking, but that goes without saying. The dishes all have a delicate touch of the Medittaranean tastes. Each one is a delicacy not to be missed. In the 5-star restaurant Nikki Beach Ibiza you can expect pristine furnishing and an overall great interior. Soft, elegant elements and a strong white that dominates the restaurant. Here you can savour exquisite wines and lots of fresh seafood and sushi. Actually perfect for a small drink and snack in between. Live music and lots of champagne are also available. Guests of the Nikki Beach always go home satisfied or don’t leave at all. Enjoy yourself with your high class escort model. You can also expect world class cuisine at Nassau Beach in Ibiza, where you will find selected wines, many cocktail creations and really good cuisine. You can enjoy these delicacies on the terrace or on the sun loungers, which have been specially made for the restaurant. A huge selection of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine is offered here.

During the day you can have lunch here, while Nassau Beach turns into a gorgeous and popular cocktail bar in the evening. So you could spend an entire day here without getting bored. Listen to the DJs who know their trade and watch the fire shows that the restaurant has to offer. In the hip and relaxed Kumharas you can enjoy a light atmosphere and indulge in the new music. In the sunset you can dance, drink and laugh. On some evenings, musicians play live alongside the DJs. A perfect combination, making the crowd tremble. A relaxed get-together with great music, many cocktails and such a beautiful high class escort lady that she will really take everyone’s breath away and enchant you. We hope you enjoy your holiday together in Ibiza and that we have been able to give you some inspiration.



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