Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience

For all single gentlemen who would like to enjoy a tender but non-binding date, we offer the girlfriend experience, short GFE. The GFE offers you a broad spectrum of sensual passion. You can turn your VIP escort model into the girlfriend of your fantasy according to your mood. There are hardly any limits.

The magic of a GFE 

A strange, young VIP escort, where you have the feeling to be familiar with her, to know her for a long time. This is the magic of the GFE. The girlfriends know exactly how they behave and how they give you an intimate and exclusive time in togetherness. Whether you are looking for romantic meals in beautiful restaurants, shopping tours or beautiful hours in the bedroom, the girlfriends will be happy to meet your expectations and become the best friend you could wish for! A mix of tension, tenderness, and intensity.

Sexual experiences at the GFE

That there are no limits at an evening with a VIP escort, you surely already know. No matter what you want to experience together, the escort model will always take care of your well-being. The whole time revolves exclusively around you and to make it unforgettable. Because to float in memories can be something very beautiful!

Special events with the Girlfriend

If there should be something more than just eroticism, the eloquent girlfriends are perfect. They know exactly how to dress, behave and entertain. Make an impression with the beautiful and educated alibi girlfriend at your side. Whether you take her to a business dinner, a gala or an evening with friends, the VIP escort model has the perfect wardrobe and behavior for every occasion. Her great general knowledge and her profound humor also speak for the enchanting girlfriends. 

A beautiful feeling with the exclusive VIP Escort

There’s no question that you’ll be comfortable with the girlfriend. Furthermore, the escort girls will be happy to slip into any role you tell them in advance – be it their long-time partner or perhaps the new, exciting girlfriend. There will be no doubt that she is your girlfriend – this is due to the authentic escorts.

Moments that last forever

Since the escort models on our site are not only high class ladies, but also put a lot of passion into their dates, you are guaranteed unforgettable moments with the beautiful and magical VIP escorts. Let yourself be enchanted by the full beauty of the ladies, their glowing hair, the beguiling curves, silky skin and the radiant smile into another world. This paired with the eloquence and its charm, ensures heavenly togetherness. 

Traveling with the Girlfriend Escort

Sometimes one has the sense of a sensual journey, but then the partner is missing. You don’t have to worry about that anymore, we will find the right lady for you who will accompany you on an adventure, a shopping trip, a wellness holiday or a short weekend trip. The travel-happy and curious VIP escort is looking forward to accompanying you on every one of your trips and to make you the happiest man on every continent. Try it directly and take one of the promising ladies with you. 

GFE in its full versatility

If you think that it could be boring to book a girlfriend, you are certainly mistaken. The girlfriends will do everything they can to make your time more pleasant and to read every wish from your lips. You can spend the whole time at home. Just as well you can go on a journey with the enchanting escort lady, party or take her to big events. If you run out of ideas, you can look on our side for suitable enterprises. 

VIP Escorts – perfect from head to toe

All the VIP escorts on our site are a dream, each one has its own charms and merits, but all of them are stunning. Eloquence, beauty, adventure and charm – all this and much more is offered by the high class escort Models. The young ladies are thrilled to make your life more beautiful and to accompany you wherever you want. There are no limits to the fantasies and adventures, you can also be surprised by the ideas of the VIP escort models. Wherever the journey goes, however long they go and whatever may happen – with the VIP ladies from Ivana Models you are right in every case.

The Experience

GFE, or “Girlfriend Experience”, is defined by intimacy, devotion, passion and a particularly loving and tender way of enjoying each other. The girlfriend model puts your needs first in this relationship, providing satisfaction at every level, without all the hassle and strain that a different relationship might bring. A high class escort model, booked for the girlfriend experience, offers her service in a natural and unadulterated way. She behaves and articulates herself accordingly, like a completely authentic girlfriend. The girlfriend experience is characterized by intimate togetherness, casual closeness, a lot of enjoyment and the joy of shared experiences, which are always devoted, fresh and intoxicatingly charming. The exclusive GFE model will inspire you with her natural, enjoyable devotion and bring endless ecstasy.

Whatever you wish for, the talented and efficient GFE escort will realize everything your imagination can muster. She will do so with joy and an enchanting smile on her sensual mouth and proof to be the best friend you can imagine. The fact that this is a service that she provides is quickly forgotten. After all, a girlfriend escort model loves every last detail of such a fascinating arrangement. Imagine an unlimited and unbound romance with a breathtaking, discreet and charming high class escort model, who will exclusively take care of providing you with an unforgettable time that will make you smile years later. What gentleman wouldn’t want a young, active, witty, yet frisky and equally eloquent lady to take intensive and precise care of all his needs and preferences? These dreamlike, very intimate moments and the equally passionate togetherness become a reality with the GFE by Ivana Models.

The girlfriend experience, booked through the Ivana Models Escort Agency, is a special, contemporary experience for the demanding gentleman who is looking for an enchanting, upscale counterpart for a time that he himself determines. This experience enriches you in every respect and is indispensable if you want to find the perfect partner without any unforeseen consequences.

The Girlfriends

Warm-hearted, empathetic, sensual and caring – this is exactly how the character of the girlfriend defines itself, with whom you can spend stunning moments or even days, depending on how you want it, and is complemented and perfected by her friendly and empathetic nature. Of course, the ladies know how to present and carry themselves adequately as well as charming, and make a fantastic figure at your side, no matter for which occasion. Not to be forgotten is the eloquence and the unutterable devotion the girlfriends offer. With such an educated and charming lady, who knows, without question, how to behave and express herself in every situation, you will be able to enjoy many beautiful and special hours and if necessary also the envious looks of other gentlemen. A part of her service consists, on the one hand, of leading the gentleman to relaxed and private hours full of togetherness, but also of accompanying him to dinner dates or other social occasions. These can be business lunches, charity celebrations and the like, there is no concrete limitation of the events, you choose freely! Because the wardrobe of the beguiling ladies leaves nothing to be desired, the perfect outfit is available for every occasion. So the charming girlfriends can score points with their grandiose dress style and fashion awareness, among other things.

For a business dinner, for example, your high class escort girlfriend will wear a discreet yet flattering outfit, perhaps even matching yours, and thus leave a good impression. Of course the cordial GFE escort models score not only with their appearance but also with their warmth, charming manner and their knowledge about different topics and social themes. It is the concern of the girlfriends to give their best and to entertain and impress the gentleman through stimulating conversations and their warm charms. Before these dates, they invest a lot of time in their natural and stunning beauty, their fitting style, their eloquent general knowledge, and social etiquette. Just like a true girlfriend should. In addition, they inspire through and through with first-class humor and suitable conversation for every event. This leads to you not having to worry about all these topics in advance. You can simply look forward to this great and authentic event. In short: The ideal high class escort girlfriend experience with the Ivana Models Escort Agency!

The Dates

To book an entertaining and loving girfriend experience with our high class escort agency is a quick, completely stress-free and discreet job, and by no means reprehensible. You don’t book a transient experience with a randomly selected high class escort, of course, but your very own special girlfriend experience, which is entirely according to your explicit wishes and ideas. The Ivana Models Escort Agency selects the perfect girlfriend for you and makes your experience as pleasant, unique and individual as possible. Of course, we attach great importance to your personal likes and dislikes, which you can let us know easily. After all, it’s about giving you the most beautiful date you’ve ever been on. So look forward to intelligent, worldly, enthusiastically gallant young women who love to share their time and are eager to be your very best girlfriend companion. Quickly you will notice that the girlfriend enjoys the date as much as you do – no need for faking it.

The booking of an escort is a contemporary, stylish and just as meaningful uncomplicated way to find and meet the right person, whose company you can enjoy at any time without having to make any commitments. Neither do these wonderful girlfriend experience dates have any consequences. As you can see, the perfect date par excellence! As with any normal date, it’s all down to the chemistry between the two of you, what follows from this togetherness, and how much more you want to experience life together. Surely you will quickly find a common denominator on your date and spend many more pleasant hours together. A GFE date is an appropriate and clever way to escape the daily grind for a while and to have someone with you who only wants to take care of you and your own needs. Take some time out and test the coveted and popular girlfriend experience with the unsurpassable high class escort ladies by the Ivana Models Agency.

The Agency

The Ivana Models Escort Agency is very selective and strictly tests each of the enchanting and seductive high class models. We pay special attention to the attractiveness, discretion, and background of the ladies. Each model goes through a thorough application process to ensure that we offer you only the very best! As we attach great importance to seriousness, each model signs a legal confidentiality declaration without exception and acts completely as a self-employed person. Accordingly, you can book a premium escort model through us, without any obligations. You do not take any risk with such a booking and remain anonymous throughout if this is your wish. Of course, we offer a hundred percent quality guarantee, with which the professional discretion, with all involved, goes without saying. The independent escort ladies understand their business and know how to behave wisely. Fast, uncomplicated and always safe and first class bookings of stunning and promising high class escort models, who only want the best for you at all times, are the be-all and end-all with us. It is also very important for us to present you the crème de la crème, completely stress-free and to make many unforgettable dates possible for you.

Your girlfriend will of course always be exactly as described and as you have wished, as we focus on all minute details with every booking. An unsuitable escort is of course out of the question! Whatever you want to call her – high class escort, girlfriend, companion, VIP model or a GFE date – it is easy and carefree to make an appointment via our website and enjoy a sensational, unique date with one of these intelligent, educated, graceful and humorous women. You’re completely free to choose the occasion for which you want to have a high class escort girlfriend. What may or may not happen on a date between two adults is up to you. There are no limits to your thoughts and wishes because the enchanting high class ladies will always do everything in their power to make you completely happy. In which way or to what extent this happens, you can talk to your personal high class girlfriend model about it and tell her all your ideas without any concerns. In any case, you will get the experience of a lifetime! Our task in this process is to introduce exquisite, upscale ladies to the sophisticated, sophisticated gentleman. Simply contact us now and we can incorporate your requirements directly into the booking and suggest the perfect GFE escort model for you and your personal needs. Then book an uncomplicated escort date with a breathtaking, dynamic young woman and experience the best girlfriend experience with the help of Ivana Models. Let us fulfill your demands and dreams.


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