Gentleman F.A.Q

Are the data and photos of the ladies realistic?

This we guarantee to one hundred percent. Of course, we got to know every model personally.
It is particularly important to us to have a familiar and personal relationship with the ladies. The charming photos of the escort ladies are taken together, as a team, at shootings and are kept up to date by our professional photographer.

Do the Ivana models offer their escort service professionally?

We must clearly deny this. The Ivana Models consider their service as an exciting secondary activity in which they can live out their sexuality, parallel to their studies or their profession.

What is the best time to book?

It is best to book as early as possible. If you are looking for a travel escort lady as your travel companion, please book at least 1-2 days in advance. If you are looking for a charming escort for the same day, we will of course try to realize this as well.

Is the discretion of the agency guaranteed?

Of course, all the details and information will be treated one hundred percent discreetly. Ivana Models uses your personal data only and exclusively for the purpose of the booking and the service. Of course the data will not be passed on to third parties or stored beyond the information we require to realize your date.

Is the discretion of the escort model guaranteed?

One hundred percent discretion is guaranteed for every member of the Ivana Models team! This discretion is mutual and the escort model expects it from you as well.

What fees do the ladies have in mind?

You can find more information about the fees here. Any travel costs may be incurred, which we will report to you in advance.

In which case is a down payment required and how is it processed?

The model’s payment should be uncomplicated for you as a gentleman. The total amount to be paid by you consists of the hourly fee and the potential travel expenses of the model. In cases where you pay cash, the amount is always to be given to the model in an open envelope at the beginning of your date together.


A: For new clients
(1) Cash payment total amount (hourly fee and potential travel expenses) to the model.
(2) Bank transfer of the total amount (hourly fee and potential travel expenses) to the neutral agency bank account (also possible by credit card, supported by a discreet and verified online payment service).
(3) Deposit 40% of the hourly fee by bank transfer or credit card payment to the agency account. The remaining amount and potential travel expenses are in cash to the escort lady.
With exception: If the date should occur outside of the lady’s hometown (from a radius of 100km), variant 2 or 3 applies.


B: For “regular customers” (from the 4th mediation).
Should you have used our service thrice and already count yourself among the experienced customers of the models, you are free to choose the payments: see A.


C: For new customers who want a home visit, there are variants 2 and 3, and a copy of your ID.

When are travel costs incurred?

If you are planning a date abroad and want to take the escort model with you, the travel costs will be determined according to the chosen means of transport. The tickets will be booked by the escort lady herself.

Are holiday trips or weekend trips with an escort model possible?

The Ivana models are travel enthusiastic and culturally interested. In order to guarantee a dreamlike time, you should get to know each other on a date to make sure that you have chosen the right travel companion. Please understand, that the models themselves decide which countries they travel to and for how long.

What if I have to cancel a date at short notice?

There can always be an unforeseen situation that makes a private activity, like meeting an escort model, impossible for you. If the lady is not already on her way to the agreed meeting point, the ladies do not charge any costs. If the escort model is already on the way to the date, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged and will be forwarded to the escort model.

Deposits already made will be refunded or may be used for the alternative date.

Where would a date take place?

It is up to you in which atmosphere you want to get to know the model. The models expect a luxurious, upscale environment, which is appropriate for your date.

Can the escort lady also welcome me in her own rooms?

No, Ivana Models does not provide any accommodation of any kind. After repeated booking and familiarity, home visits are possible.

Can I contact the lady directly by phone before the date?

No, because the ladies put their trust in the Ivana Models Escort Agency to handle all the communication. The models must not be contacted individually and the entire process is handled by the agency and our team. Thus we guarantee an easy and efficient process, without misunderstandings or unnecessary delays.

What should I keep in mind during the date?

Of course, there are certain rules and things you should follow. The main focus is that you should enjoy an inspiring date with a stunning beauty. Needless to say, your lady will present herself in her best form. At the same time, you are expected to show the charm and manners of a gentleman. If you fulfil these prerequisites, nothing stands in the way of a charming escort adventure. At the beginning of the date, please hand over an envelope with the agreed fee. Please do not embarrass our ladies by having them to ask for it.

Thh common intimacy is the focus of the date. You will enjoy entertaining, charming or humorous conversations. Please note that some topics or questions are not adequate for an escort date. Please avoid the following topics:

– The question of private contact data
– Very intimate questions about the model’s private life – conversations about other escort dates and experiences

Should you nevertheless exchange private contact data such as a telephone number or e-mail address, the Ivana Models Escort Agency assumes no liability. The aim of the ladies is to experience an unforgettable time together. You should relax and indulge in your fantasies and desires together.

How do I get access to Secret Models?

Please understand that some models do not want to present their photo gallery to the public.  If you want access to the profile and the gallery of a Secret Model, you can send them after a serious booking request.

Please contact us via e-mail or let us know by phone if you would like a date with a Secret Model.


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