Summer Vacation with Escort

Unforgettable moments with your escort

Finally, the time has come for summer vacation.
It has been far too long since the sun warmed the skin, the pleasant breeze refreshed the mind and the sea cooled the body. For most people, summer vacation is the most extensive and also the most important vacation of the year.
As soon as you think about your summer vacation, you quickly get creative: Which destinations are on your personal wish list? Which country and which culture do you want to experience up close, instead of just from magazines and pictures on the Internet? What experiences do you want to have? The possibilities are endless.

Maybe we have spontaneously awakened a desire in you. A destination that you have dreamed of for a long time, but have not yet made it there. A vacation that has fascinated you for a long time, but you have not yet been able to decide. You should follow your wish. After all, travel is a balm for both the mind and the soul. So why wait to plan your summer vacation? 

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Travel becomes an experience with a high class escort

We as Ivana Models Premium Escort Agency stand for first class experiences all over the world. Therefore, we have compiled some exquisite dream destinations for you, where you can experience unforgettable summer vacations with your VIP escort model.
There are certainly some destinations that you have already heard of, or that you have already traveled yourself. However, do not hesitate to get new inspirations. Especially for adventurous, modern gentlemen, there may be one or two new destinations on our list that are worth discovering. The perfect partner for your trip is a VIP escort girl. She knows exactly how to respond to your personal needs and will gladly get involved in your dream trip.

Summer vacation – it depends on the right travel companion

Travel is good for your health – that is widely known. It’s not just the change of scenery that’s good for your personal mindset, but also the challenges that travel brings. But travel also brings with it some potential for disagreement. From the choice of destination, to the daily itinerary, travelers’ ideas can vary widely. Therefore, you should rely on the right travel companion from the very beginning. A VIP escort lady will read your every wish from your lips during your summer vacation. Not only with the appearance, but also with her character she will impress the modern gentleman.

Summer vacation – The more the merrier // Joint trip

Summer vacation often also brings a lot of company. Once at the vacation destination, it is easy to make new acquaintances. But often you also want to travel together. With a business partner, to celebrate a successful deal. With friends, to intensify the friendship. Traveling together is even more fun with the right people. Therefore, it is not uncommon that several gentlemen who travel together ask us as a premium escort agency whether it is also possible to go on summer vacation with several VIP escort girls.
We are also happy to fulfill this wish. In the past, we were often allowed to arrange travel dates for several guests. So we speak from experience when we say that this makes the joint vacation even more beautiful. Of course, class and elegance are also prioritized in these bookings, which is why the ladies naturally only offer one service per guest. If you have planned to travel together, feel free to talk to us about it when you make your booking. The escort travel companion will sweeten your trip with many intimate hours.



Summer vacation in Barcelona with an escort

While Barcelona is a great year-round destination, summer vacations in Barcelona are especially recommended. This great metropolis in Spain with its unique architecture is an absolute feast for the eyes of any visitor. But apart from the cultural offer, the city offers a true summer vacation feeling with numerous beaches in the city and its surroundings. Enjoy the sunny hours with your VIP escort model and spend a great time in first-class hotels and restaurants in Barcelona.

Summer vacation in Florence with an escort

If you want to spend your summer vacation in Tuscany, Italy, you should definitely consider Florence as a destination. The city, home to Michelangelo’s David in addition to countless architectural masterpieces, offers endless beauty for art and culture enthusiasts. If you want to discover Italy with everything it has to offer from culture to culinary, you should spend your summer vacation in Florence. An escort travel companion will be your perfect travel partner.

Santorini summer vacation with an escort

The absolute jewel among the Greek islands is without any doubt Santorini. Due to its exclusively blue-white houses, which there is certainly no second time in the world in this form, Santorini achieved worldwide fame. As an absolute dream destination, many people spend their summer vacation in Santorini every year. The crystal clear water, the warmth of the inhabitants and the great selection of seafood, fish and other delicacies will remain in your memory for a long time. But what is really addictive is the sunset on this special island, which you will enjoy together with the perfect travel companion arm in arm.


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Summer vacation in Amalfi Coast with an escort

The Amalfi Coast is located in the heart of Italy on the west coast of Italy on the Gulf of Salerno. Already at the time of the Romans, the region enjoyed a high reputation as a recreational area and was considered a magnet for visitors. Even today, the Amalfi Coast cannot detach itself from its historical heritage and invites many people from all over the world every year. Small beaches as far as the eye can see, picturesque fishing villages and endless coastal roads are the best conditions for a fascinating summer vacation. Our tip: Enjoy a fresh limoncello made from delicious lemons from the region with your escort travel companion.

Summer vacation on Lake Como with an escort

Lake Como in the north of Italy is located in an upscale tourist area at the foot of the Alps. If you want to experience scenic idyll and nature during your summer vacation, Lake Como is the right place for you. Even if you want to be active, the surrounding mountains offer hiking and climbing opportunities, and the lake offers the best conditions for water sports. If you want to spend an upscale summer vacation with your VIP escort model, the graceful Lake Como is a fantastic destination.

Summer vacation in Larnaca (Cyprus) with an escort

Larnaca is the right destination for those who want it all. Cultural mix of Greece and Turkey. Over 3,000 years of city history and modern nightlife with many clubs and discos. Beaches, city beaches and a lively city: there is definitely something for the adventurous in Larnaca. So explore this exciting city in Cyprus with your VIP escort model and find out what excites you the most.

Summer vacation in Bodrum with an escort

Bodrum is a popular resort on the Turkish Aegean Sea and is considered the most exclusive seaside resort in Turkey. This is because the city has beautiful beaches and some of the best 5-star-hotels in Turkey are located in Bodrum. Not least because of this, Bodrum is also a popular mooring place for yacht owners, which has brought with it the nickname “St. Tropez of Turkey”. If this sounds like a nice destination for you, just imagine your summer vacation with a VIP escort model by your side. One thing we can assure you: Bodrum will please you!

Summer vacation in Dubrovnik with an escort

Dubrovnik is one of the most picturesque destinations for your summer vacation on our list. Located in the south of Croatia, directly on the Adriatic Sea, the city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for several decades. Not a few people will also be familiar with the city from worldwide successful series, as it is repeatedly used as a film set. The pleasant climate, the great beaches and the turquoise blue water are the perfect conditions for summer vacation with escort. An absolute recommendation!

Summer vacation in Ulcinj with an escort

A little further south along the coast lies one of our insider tips for your next summer vacation with escort: Ulcinj. Here, influences of the Turkish culture meet the Albanian inhabitants, which leads to delicious food and a unique culture. Touristically Ulcinj has a lot to offer but is not overcrowded at the moment. For a very special vacation with beautiful beaches, gorgeous nature reserves and an impressive old town, visit the city in Montenegro together with a VIP escort model.

Summer vacation in Ibiza with an escort

Ibiza, an island of the Balearic Islands, is an absolute must-see for any traveler. Because being in Ibiza means one thing above all: having fun. Whether you want to indulge in the crystal clear waters, the countless sandy beaches or the culture of the island, nothing stands in the way of the perfect summer vacation here. In addition, Ibiza is of course the worldwide center of the electro scene and known for its excellent nightlife, which there is perhaps no second time in the world. Immerse yourself together with your escort model in a world of its own and enjoy every moment on this indescribable island.

Summer vacation in Mykonos with an escort

What Ibiza is for Spain, Mykonos is for Greece. People come to Mykonos to party and enjoy life to the fullest. The nightclubs can hardly save themselves from crowds, and rightly so, because the world’s most famous and successful DJs play here. On Mykonos, it is best to stay in a 5-star hotel, where no wishes remain unfulfilled. What is still missing for the perfect summer vacation on Mykonos? The spirited escort lady who makes the island unsafe together with you.

Summer vacation in Mallorca with an escort

Mallorca has long left behind the Ballermann image and is now perceived for what it is: Next to Ibiza, one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. More spacious than its little sister, Mallorca also offers the perfect backdrop for a summer vacation in a class of its own. With great hotels and breathtaking beaches, Mallorca will also inspire you. And together with your escort travel companion, exploring the real Mallorca will give you all the more pleasure!

Summer vacation in Corfu with an escort

Corfu is a popular vacation island in northwestern Greece, which is now considered the Italy of Greece due to its unique past of occupations. The island is dotted with resorts and dream beaches and has extensive vegetation. Not for nothing it is also called the “green island”. If you want to spend your summer vacation on sandy beaches with crystal clear water, Corfu is the place for you. Enjoy the special island of Greece with your escort travel companion.

Summer vacation in Malta with an escort

Malta is the last European island off the coast of North Africa and is simply beautiful. Despite its small size, Malta has a lot to offer:
The historic capital, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Countless beaches that surpass each other in beauty. Hospitable locals who quickly give you the feeling of having arrived. With the right escort lady at your side, you will get your money’s worth in Malta.

Summer vacation in Porto (Portugal) with an escort

Porto is a coastal city in western Portugal and is best known for its distinctive cityscape. From its medieval old town to the baroque and opulent Igreja São Francisco church and impressive bridges, Porto is a great place to explore. But nightlife and culinary delights are not neglected here either. Porto is especially famous for its port wine, which is produced here, drunk and exported. Have we aroused your interest? Then take the opportunity and enjoy your summer vacation in Portugal with your escort travel companion.

Summer vacation in Positano with an escort

Positano is a municipality located on the Tyrrhenian Sea, part of the Amalfi Coast. Due to its many cafes, boutiques and narrow streets, Positano is a really great destination for your summer vacation. Unwind and stroll through this hotspot in Italy with your temporary girlfriend accompanying you on this trip.

Summer vacation in Nice with an escort

Art, culture, museums and sights – Nice rightly bears the title of the cultural capital of the Côte d’Azur. A year-round mild climate makes the city a popular vacation destination not only in summer. Look forward to French haute cuisine, with which you can end a long day full of activities. Together with your picture-perfect travel companion, who will complete your stay in Nice.

Summer vacation in Marbella with an escort

If you prefer an extravagant vacation, Marbella could be just the right choice for your summer vacation. In the southern Spanish coastal town people relax in excellent 5-star hotels, golf clubs and on sandy beaches. Take your VIP escort model on a shopping tour in exclusive boutiques at the Puerto Banús marina and party exuberantly on the Golden Mile. The summer vacation in Marbella will not let you go.

Summer vacation in Monte Carlo with an escort

If you haven’t had Monte Carlo on your list of dream travel destinations yet, we recommend you make up for it. The independent city-state on the French Mediterranean coast is a place of superlatives. People meet in the elegant casino of the same name or at the annual Formula 1 meeting. If you want to experience motor sports up close, you should spend your summer vacation in Monte Carlo at the time of the race. The VIP escort models are the perfect company for a vacation of this class and make it unforgettable.

Summer vacation in Saint-Tropez with an escort

Saint-Tropez is known worldwide as the city of the rich and beautiful, said to be the cradle of the jet-set lifestyle. And it lives up to this reputation, because here yachts line up next to super sports cars, next to high-end boutiques. In addition, the city with its narrow streets and picturesque courtyards also has its own charm, which will not let you go so quickly. Make your own picture with your escort travel companion and spend your summer vacation in Saint-Tropez.


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Summer vacation on Krk Island Croatia with an escort

Krk is the name of the large Croatian island on the Adriatic Sea, which is connected to the mainland only by a bridge. There is much to discover on Krk from days gone by. Adventure enthusiasts can explore historic castles and quaint villages. Those who like it a bit more urban will be happy in the lively waterfront Riva. If you can imagine turning your summer vacation into an adventure, choose Krk. With a VIP escort model at your side, the vacation can only be good.

Summer vacation in Bonifacio France with an escort

Bonifacio is located on the French island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea. While the port city was known for trade in the past, nowadays it attracts visitors from all over the world with crystal clear water and some sights from days gone by. Experience this piece of history during your summer vacation with a VIP escort girl – you won’t regret it.

Summer vacation in Crete with an escort

Crete, as the largest island in Greece, offers an incredible amount of potential for a dreamlike summer vacation. From the white-pink sand on the beach in the southwest to the palm beach in the northwest and from the hippie village to the nature reserve, there is an infinite amount to discover in Crete. Especially in the north of the island you can also find excellent hotels that promise a luxurious stay. The only question is with which high-class escort you want to plunge into this adventure.

Summer vacation in Sicily with an escort

As the largest island in the Mediterranean, the Italian island of Sicily boasts a variety of beautiful and exciting cities. The beautiful landscape ranges from dense forest areas to fine sandy beaches. Due to the diversity, there are no limits to the imagination. We recommend spending your summer vacation in Sicily with a beautiful escort by your side.

Summer vacation in Faro (Portugal) with an escort

Faro is located in the Algarve in southern Portugal and is the center of the region. Although the airport is located in Faro, the city is overlooked by most tourists. Yet it holds many attractions, a beautiful old town and has a real Portuguese charm. So, this is a good chance if you want to spend your summer vacation with an escort in a place that is not overrun with tourists.

Summer vacation in Cannes with an escort

Cannes is a famous French resort, which is best known for the international film festival. But beyond that, Cannes has a lot to offer. Miles of sandy beaches invite you to sunbathe and the historic district of Cannes to stroll. Daredevils try their luck in one of the casinos. In addition, you will find numerous excellent restaurants where you can enjoy yourself and your escort lady.


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