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As far as delivering high class Heidelberg escorts goes, Ivana Models is second to none. From the moment we started our VIP agency we’ve upheld a strict policy of delivering quality and maintaining discretion both in Germany and across all our international locations. No matter the time or place any gentlemen seeking our services can rely on premium Heidelberg escort girls that embody the term ‘high class’.

If you’re new to the escort industry and you’ve never booked a companion before, then you may find yourself easily swayed by the undercutting prices of other cheap agencies & independents. In choosing such service providers there’s often a risk of running into issues such as fake girls, hidden prices or a poor customer service. Here at Ivana Models, you can expect nothing but quality ladies, backed up by a service that works around the clock to make booking a stress-free process.

The Town’s Best Heidelberg Escorts

What does it really mean to be a high class escort in Heidelberg? Well, alongside the breathtaking beauty you immediately notice across our gallery, these girls are also intelligent, charming, classy and sophisticated. This makes them perfect company for any setting or social situation as they’ll no doubt draw the attention of everyone in the room whilst simultaneously wishing they were all in your shoes. Such a confidence boost is something you only get with the best escorts Heidelberg has to offer.

It’s important for these girls to be able to build a long-standing relationship with our loyal customer so you know exactly who to turn to whenever you’re in need of a company to a dinner date, trip-away or for a simple evening back at your place. We do of course recommend finding the right model from our gallery, which you can easily with the accurate information we add to every profile.

Discretion Is Just As Important To Us 

An important aspect of booking Heidelberg escorts that many stress about is the security and discretion involved. We appreciate that many of you wish to keep the knowledge of your meeting strictly between you and your date. This is why we’re always happy to be able to guarantee the protection of our clients information, as well as provide services with maximum discretion from the moment any of these ladies walk through your door. As far as we’re concerned what happens between you and your escort stays between you and your escort. 

Book With Ivana Models

Since being established our goal as an agency has been to expand and provide high end services across the world, including Heidelberg. We’re proud to continue to do so after many years of growth and will continue not exceed the expectations. It wouldn’t be right for us to claim all this, but for it to be a difficult process to book. This is why we have an expert team of staff on hand to provide any extra info as well as help get your date finalised. All you need to do is give us a call.

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A selection of hotels in Heidelberg

Hotel Euröpaischer Hof Heidelberg

Right in the historical city, you can find the 5 star luxury hotel, a true institution in the greater Stuttgart area. The appearance and shape make this one of the local architectural highlights of the city. Built in the Gründerzeit, the German industrial revolution, the building oozes with a classic elegant flair.

The romantic perspective of the enchanting historical silhouette of Heidelberg is something that guests will constantly get to enjoy here. The next exceptional restaurants, museums, art galleries, bars and clubs are only a short walking distance away, located in the inner city. The historical core of the city and the „Theater und Orchester Heidelberg“ are only 700 meters away from the accommodation.

The hotel skillfully combines a timeless elegance, paired with a modern and stylistically note. The whole area is defined by uncompromising tasteful and a tad opulent alignment. The individually designed and detailed rooms distinguish themselves through their uniqueness. The plush hotel also offers a nice wellness area, which completely impresses through its unique facilities and the services on offer. The staff is extremely courteous and friendly. The breakfast is uniquely varied and of an impressive quality. In shape of the Kurfürstenstube, an impressive and sublime gourmet restaurant is attached to the hotel.

Boutique Suites Heidelberg Alte Zigarrenmanufaktur

The first All-Suites hotel in the Rhein-Neckar and Stuttgart Region consists of solely amazing private spa suites as well as impressive design lofts of the 5 star segment. The unique concept is permeated by the spirit of innovation and fulfill the highest comfort requirements. The complex is built on the historic sight of an historic cigar factory, only 700 meters away from the main station. The distance to the city core is about one kilometer. The impressive historic atmosphere of the area paired with the urban elegance has a wonderful charming effect.

The interior impresses with its exquisite and unique furnishing, with excellent bathing rooms you can enjoy with your high class escort. Additionally, the living rooms have an ample entertainment and communication features. The perfect service and the brilliant staff raise the overall and unparalleled quality of this hotel to the maximum.

The lofts and suites offer a unique and consistent high standard. The soundproofed accommodations are decked out with ample and outstanding luxury features and comfort. The guests individuality and his needs are the Hotel’s highest priority. That is why this hotel offers the perfect conditions to fulfill all of your subjective needs. In front of this unique setting, the hotel owned living room is the optimal accommodation for a business or family trip as well as for health tourism.

Our restaurant recommendations

Qube Restaurant

The restaurant is right at the heart of the historic city. The prestigious food magazine „Der Feinschmecker“ awarded the locale the award of the best restaurant in Germany. The Gastro-Guide and the international association Slow Food elected the Qube Restaurant the culinary premium address in the Heidelberg area and its surroundings. Due to the excellent quality and the resulting high demand, you should definitely book a table in advance.

Feast on haute cuisine in the shape of creative interpretations of international and regional herbal dishes. It is the kitchen’s maxim to only cook with the highest quality of ingredients possible. It is the prime goal to serve the guests the highest quality and most surprising creations. The central aspects are freshness and naturalness of all ingredients. The dishes are created and presented with a rigid focus on a superb class.

At the same time, you are cared for with a highest degree of professionalism and exceptional courtesy. During the Summer months, the roof terrace opens its doors. In this dreamy setting, the culinary journey through the epicurean pleasures, during the Sommer months, is appropriately rounded off. Furthermore, the lounge and bar area offers a varied assortment of classics and cocktails.

Oskar-Vinothek und Restaurant

Located in the historic city, here, you can take your pick your and enjoy the finest dishes and drink of the upper segment, all presented in a neat atmosphere. A booking via telephone or the respective website is highly recommended.

The restaurant is focused on German and mediterranean cuisine. Main priorities are the perpetual, optimal freshness and the client’s exceptional satisfaction. Therefore, the menu offers seasonal dishes. The offered first class specialties are artful and innovative. The ample selection of drinks and beverages is surprising, thanks to the carefully assorted wine cellar.
The staff shines through their thorough competence and their individual service.

Le Gourmet

The restaurant is located at the North-East peak of the historic city and is part of the Hotel Die Hirschgasse. This restaurant will be enjoyed by you and your vip callgirl. The restaurant’s specialty is the invariable use of premium product of the European, French and vegetarian cuisine. The venue has been awarded with one Michelin Star and is part of the national and international circles of the best restaurants of the city, as well as in the area of Heidelberg. A booking is definitely needed, due to the popularity of this restaurant.

The dishes, the service and the atmosphere are outstanding. The pacing of the menus is near perfect and the offer is constantly fulfilling any requirements. The prepared dishes are from a different world and all come recommended, exceptionless. The wine card also presents you with excellent choices.

As a culinary special, you can book a romantic 5-course Candle Light Dinner online, for you and your high class escort lady. The table is arranged with a fabulous scene of rosebuds. Make sure to book a table online.

Sights of the city

Highlights during the day

The best insider tip for a superb confectionery is the Cafe Schafheutle (Hauptstraße 94) in the historic core of the city. The house is a member of the elite Circle de Qualite and has really earned that place through its top level creations. Event the British Heir William and his wife Kate had to stop by during their visit and sample the great quality. The Cafe also offers courses for the creation of chocolates and truffles in varying intervals.

After a stroll through the city, the traditional Coffee House, with a history, serves as the stop for excellent chocolate, ice cream and cake variations, all created inhouse. The beautiful ambience of the cafe, with its impressively appointed garden and winter garden, invites you to dwell and relax. In the formidable scenery you can have your breakfast together with your escort or the varied daily dishes.

The university city also holds a great cultural scene, often defined by prestigious and popular events. In 2014, Heidelberg was awarded the Unesco City of Literature certificate. Nationwide, this title is desirable and unique ever since. In terms of the cultural scene, Heidelberg definitely has more on offer than the federal capitol, Stuttgart. Inspiring and interesting experiences are a guarantee.

Theatre and Orchestra Heidelberg

The establishment has a prime and elite reputation, thanks to the fantastic stagings of musical theatre, drama, concert, dance and young theatre. The house has its own philharmonic orchestra, catering to the finest musical tastes. The ensembles are consistently filled with outstanding talents.

Through the website, you can let the Whatsapp service provide you with current news about the theatre. Simply add the number + 049 15792391655 as a contact. From now on, you will receive the most recent information. Should you not want to use this service anymore, simply delete the number.


Unconventional and modernly ironic – thoughtful plays make out the program of the oldest private theater of the republic.
The plays are held right by the words „en Suite“. According to this concept, the program is limited to one play, which is only performed during a temporary interval. In 2008 the theater was constantly booked to 98% capacity, making a reservation inevitable.

Heidelberger Kunstverein

As part of the historic city, this is a first class cultural sight. In a great hall, flooded with light, you can listen to major talks, presentations or discussions as well as exhibitions of contemporary art.
The spectrum is amazing and gives you and your escort lady the chance to talk to the artists at special occasions. The relevant dates are shown on the website.

Kurpfälzisches Museum

The museum has a stately collection of archaeological exhibits, graphics, sculptures, paintings and textiles. In addition, the visitors get to listen to the history of the city. The cultural offer is steadily being expanded with special exhibitions and the artwork of the month. It is shown during a limited amount of time and therefore has an exclusive character.

The nightlife and more

Halle 2

This former freight train station is the venue for many art, music, party and theatre events. Varying selected works of different artists and newcomers are shown here during the day. The broad works are surprisingly innovative and diverse. Paintings, to video installations and photography, to graffiti and performance art are presented here. Come evening, live concerts of renowned artists and popular parties, such as the Ü30 Party, are held here.

In comparison to other cities in the area around Stuttgart, Heidelberg has many works of art to see as well as memorial brasses in the cityscape. During a long stroll you and your escort girl can try to find all the pieces, assisted by the city’s cultural office database. It informs you about the historical background and the explicit meaning of the artworks.
Liveliness and openness define the city’s flair. During the Summer, the inner city becomes even more lively. Therefore, you will find an elaborate nightlife, with great clubs, bars and cinemas.

Jazzhaus- HD

The private Jazzclub, located in a 400 year old cellar, offers live music from regional and international ensembles from Wednesdays to Saturdays. The focus of the concerts lays on Modern Jazz, Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Rock and cabaret.

On Thursdays, the Jazzhaus holds a jam session. This offer is mainly for ambitious and exceptionally talented musicians. Will you witness the art of the next undiscovered music star?


Due to its exceptional program, the rewarded cinema makes for a very worthwhile movie experience, away from the mainstream. Alternatively you and your high class escort model can visit the Gloria/Gloriette (Hauptstraße 146). The cinema follows the same concept and only shows sophisticated movies, often with the original voiceover.

Cave 54

The legendary student jazz cellar looks back on a vivid history. Big icons such as Carlos Santana, Louis Armstrong or Ella Fitzgerald performed here. National and international stars of a big caliber perform their concerts here regularly. Sundays are for Jazz jam sessions.

Billy Blues

For insiders, this is one of the finest locations in Heidelberg. It is located in the restaurant Ziegler.
The program is defined by multifaceted genres. Wednesdays are for Salsa rhythms, Thursdays for live music, Fridays for House and Saturdays for Soul- and Funkparties.


The German Pub and brewery are one of the most renowned institutions of the city. The locale combines art and gastronomy. Find fine beer and art here together with your escort lady.

In a relaxed and casual atmosphere, guests of all ages will enjoy their time and the house-made beer. Locals award the bar a cult status. A visit here is a must and will give you the best impression of the authentic charisma of Heidelberg.


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