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With everything from the beautiful scenery, luxury hotels and world-class restaurants, Lake Constance is the perfect place for anyone to enjoy the company of an escort. We have a huge array of Lake Constance escorts including blonde, brunettes, busty babes, mature models and more, providing dates all over the area. Everything you could ever hope for in a VIP escort date starts right here! 

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It wouldn’t be right for us to represent the most elite escorts Lake Constance has to offer, but for it to be difficult to browse through them and find the right one for you. At Ivana Models, we’ve built our website to help you find your ideal women in no time! To start, we recommend glancing through our full Lake Constance escort gallery for any models that grab your attention, as well as considering how long you’d like to spend with your VIP callgirl (dates range from 2 hours to 2 days). After which, you’re welcome to browse all girl profiles to your heart’s content. You’ll find each packed with information and photos to help you decide exactly which lucky lady will get the pleasure of your company.

Date Night In Lake Constance

Lake Constance is the perfect place for a variety of dates. The best part is it doesn’t matter what kind of fun you’re looking to have, these Lake Constance escorts are suited to any atmosphere. You’re welcome to request their company at a party, club, bar, restaurant or even business event. Whatever it is you have in mind for these companions, they’ll be certain to turn heads wherever they go and have everyone wishing they were in your shoes. Outcall services are also provided to houses, apartments and hotels for those of you looking to indulge in private setting.


If you’re wondering exactly which services you can enjoy when you have these Lake Constance escorts back at your place, then you’ll be happy to know we have a range for you to choose from. Everyone has their own fantasies and we want to bring yours to life. Maybe you have a specific fetish? Perhaps you’re looking to try something wild like domination or BDSM? Or would you be more suited to the calming touch of an erotic massage? With Ivana Models, the choice is yours!


Alongside finding your dream escort in Lake Constance, we’ve also made it incredibly easy to book them. We offer multiple ways of getting contact depending on your preference including email, SMS, WhatsApp and via phone call. Once you get in contact our team will provide any extra info you request, help you get all the details of your date sorted and of course book it in. Simply call when you’re ready.

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Sights and more – Lake Constance

Wellness in one of the nicest locations

Time spent together at the Lake is time meant for relaxation and pleasure. Why not visit a thermal spring and leave your worries behind. The region around Lake Constance offers three well known thermae. Visit the Lake Constance thermal bath at Überlingen and enjoy your wide view onto the lake, straight out of the sauna. Watch the boats and get a little closer in the sauna. And now, you decide, what view captivates you more.

The view outside the window or into the eyes of your charming escort lady. The Meersburg thermal bath is yet another fantastic experience. From the sunroof, you have a direct view of the lake, which will enchant you. The thermal bath in Constance has a lot of great saunas to offer. At the first moment you pour fresh water over the heated rocks, your escort will melt away and the pleasant anticipation, of the hot and boundless night together, will reach the proverbial boiling point.

More culture, more museums

The region around Lake Constance offers a unique culture heritage, that you should not miss. Discover the world-famous Stiftsbibliothek of the St. Gallen monastery and dive into the world of unique baroque art. Ivana Escorts Service suggests taking a guided tour. Of course, you can impress the lady with your own knowledge. If you mention Friedrichshafen, you can not leave out the German aviation pioneer Claude Dornier!
Naturally, his home city, you can find a museum, which shows the technical models and all about the company’s history from the Dornier aircraft factory on a large exhibition floor.

The Meersburg

Should you like to see impressive castle, the area around the Lake Constance is just for you as well. Visit one of the most stately castles at the Lake Constance, the Meersburg! The castle was built in 998 AD and was expanded in the Rennaissance. Discover over 30 rooms and see a medieval kitchen, displaying early coking techniques. Do not miss out on the chance to see the former palace. In the early medieval ages, the Meersburg was the residence of the king. The Rittersaal, the knight’s halls, are definitely worth a visit as well. The Dagobert Tower offers a fantastic view of the lake and after this pleasure you need to see the castle, including the torture chamber.

Castle Salem

Another local treasure is the Castle Salem – it is not only a world famous college. The castle looks back on a 700 year old past and only lets you guess the wealth of the former abbey. The huge area has many gothic patters, windows and overall influences that you should not miss out on. Kept simple on the outside, the insides are magnificent and never cease to impress the visitors. Fans of Baroque architecture will enjoy their stay here, the whole grounds were renovated in the 17th century.

Island Mainau

Definitely take a trip to the flower-island Mainau. The island is worth the trip and what better way is there to conquer the heart of a beautiful lady by laying a million flowers to her feet. A perfect opening to a great evening. The island can be reached by boat.

Martin- Heodegger Museums

The high class escort ladies present themselves well at any occasion. Just take her to one of the museums at Lake Constance. How about a visit to the Martin- Heodegger Museums in Meßkirch. Dive into the life of the popular philosopher and be inspired.

The Meßkirch Car Museum combines many interesting contrasts, with oldtimer models from the twenties to the sixties. Should you want to experience culture under an open sky, you should take your lady to the open air museum in Uhldingen. See an original village from the Bronze Age and see how the people started to settle and established another piece in human history. The high class escorts have varied interests and look forward to the sophisticated hours with you. Forget about time and experience the now with your vip callgirl at Lake Constance.

Sport – Fancy a game of golf?

Sports and nature, what can be better than combining the two together. Lake Constance, of course, has a plenty of activities to do sports in nature. Especially if you enjoy playing golf. Definitely make use of the upper golf courses at Lake Constance.
Many of the escort ladies like to play golf and are always looking for a chance to improve their handicap. Maybe you can show the a view tricks to improve their tee. Even when your lady has no experience with this sport, you can surely show her the ropes. Get closer at the tee off and feel her charisma and literally get closer.

Hausberg von Bregenz

Do you feel like getting even more active? At the bordering Hausberg von Bregenz you can bike up to 600 meters, out to the Pfänder. Many of the ladies are fit and like to mountain-bike. Riding does not only improve your health and makes for a banging body. And the vista that presents itself from the Pfänder is amazing. Enjoy this view and share it, close to your escort lady.


Dining in the cultural region Lake Constance with your high class escort Together with your escort lady, the time will pass in a flight. Great hours with a great, charming lady in a fantastic landscape and tender moments. This is the fitting arrangement for a unforgettable encounter and best paired with a great culinary experience of its own class. For this, the region has exceptional culinary highlights and mentioning all of them would fill books.

It is a fact that you will find a plenty of star restaurants here. This makes picking one even more difficult, especially all the cuisines of the different countries are diverse. Look forward to a culinary selection from Switzerland, Austria or Germany. Experience great hours together with the Badian or Swabian cuisine, feast on delicious cake from Austria or finest chocolate from Switzerland.


A must here at the largest German Lake is the fish. It is usually caught directly from the lake and served in great variations. But enough of the introductions:

At Urs Wilhelms’s Restaurant in Schäfli, you will dine on fresh fish, caught directly from the lake. The menu consists of what has been caught in the lake. Everything is prepared freshly – even the ice cream and the fresh pastery. The Jugendstil House presents itself in a unique style and the 16 Gault-Millau points speak volumes. If you do not feel like dining on fish, you will find other specialties, such as duck, lamb and lobster. The offer is seasonal and always fresh. The wine card is excellent and made for your and your escorts enjoyment. The restaurant can be found in Altnau in Switzerland.

Cantina Rabia

Surprising dishes can be had at the Cantina Rabia. The menu is different every day and attracts you with new tastes. When you feel like surprising your escort, you are at the right place. Something new every day – this is true joy of life. Find the restaurant in Konstanz in the Kreuzlingerstraße 7.

Restaurant Paul’s

Also located in Switzerland, Widnau, is „Restaurant Paul’s“. Dining at Paul’s is a true experience. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that many take the long trip to the locale. Whether for the lunch table or the gourmet menu at the evening, at any time of the day you two will feast like a king and queen, thanks to the great cuisine and service. Take your escort here and she will shine by your side, let her amaze you with her presence while you two dine on excellent meals.

Gasthaus zum Gupf

The Gasthaus zum Gupf, in St. Gallen, is one of the most stylish restaurants of the region. The quaint locale will take you on a culinary journey of great tastes. The restaurant can be found right on a mountain with a fantastic view of the lake. The separate parlors are a great chance to get closer to each other.


If you prefer a hearty cuisine, you should stop by Wissingers in Schlechterbräu. Here, you will dine on traditional dishes of the highest level with an added great atmosphere. The restaurant can be found in Lindau and is very easy to reach.


Do you enjoy the Italian or the Austrian cuisine? Then you should pay the Lukullum and its great atmosphere a visit. The restaurant can be found in Friedrichshafen close to the harbor. If you would like, you can stroll down the pier with your escort lady, after having dined on perfection, tingling sensation and tender closeness included.

Heinzler am See

Do you prefer a stylish atmosphere by the water? Pay the Heinzler am See a visit and be inspired by the combination of great food and the scenery. The restaurant with a view of the lake is really worth the visit. But this restaurant in Immenstaad is not only that, is is a upper class hotel. And what is better than watching the sun rise from your room with a perfect view of the lake, after a perfect evening and a thrilling night.

A selection of hotels

Fritsch am See

Not only upper gastronomy can be found here, also high class hotels to spend the perfect day in. One of these top hotels at Lake Constance is the family- owned hotel Fritsch am See. Here, you will definitely enjoy the view of the Lake Constance and enjoy the wellness offer together. A gentle massage will truly let you relax together with your high class lady and maybe make further plans for the night.


During Summer, you should definitely book a room in the Riva – Hotel am Bodensee. The luxury hotel has a pool on the roof, where you can slowly get closer to each other without being watched. The restaurant has one of the best restaurant of the region. Therefore, nothing is standing in the way of a perfect evening together.


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