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Seeking Mainz escorts? If the answer is yes then today is your lucky day. At Ivana Models, we provide high end services to gentlemen across Mainz seeking models with whom they can either relax with, or enjoy as company to any of the city’s hotspots. We have a range of elite German girls for you to choose from, simply explore our selection of profiles to decide who’s best for you.

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Getting To Know Mainz

Mainz, the capital and largest city of Rhineland-Palatinate, is best known for being a student hub. The Johannes-Gutenberg university has approximately 32,000 students from across the world in about 100 schools and clinics, making it one of the largest universities in Germany. We even have intelligent young Mainz escorts at Ivana Models that attend the university themselves!

Many of the larger historic cities throughout the country are well-preserved and as a result attract the attention of tourists worldwide. This is no different when it comes to Mainz. The city is filled with half-timbered houses, cobbled market squares and beautiful fountains that attract the attention of both locals and visitors all year round. Such medieval and historical structures can be explored via a city tour, which you can enhance today by booking the company of a Mainz escort girl.

A Complete Guide To The Mainz Escorts

When it comes to the escorts in Mainz you can expect nothing less than women who are attractive, intelligent and well-suited to all occasions. The VIP service guarantees discretion which means that the models can even be relied upon to impress at social or business events. Or, if you’d prefer, feel free to request them to dress to impress and join you at one of the many bars or restaurants throughout the city.

When it comes to beauty, it shouldn’t take you long to see just how hot the models are. We’re an agency that never settles for anything less than model-like beauty which is why we hand-pick all the Mainz escorts you see listed. It doesn’t matter where you take them you can expect heads to turn everytime you walk into a room together. The feeling of confidence that comes from this is unmatched and is something that can only be achieved with the companions here at Ivana Models.

How To Book With Ivana Models

Ready to book Mainz escorts that will tailor themselves to your every need? If so, give us a call today. We require all bookings to be made in-advance to give the ladies time to prepare, especially for those who are currently situated outside the city of Mainz. To find out more, get in contact via +491731979711, or email to [email protected].

Our restaurant recommendations

A visit to a sterling restaurant

Touring a city makes hungry and you will find yourself with plentiful choices of hearty or luxurious dining possibilities. The vip escort lady can help you with this decision and can show you to romantic and popular restaurants. The Il Mondo comes highly recommended, with a great mixture of Italian, European and Mediterranean cuisines. The vegetarians will also find delicious choices on the menu. The restaurant presents itself very atmospheric. The seasonal specialties are just sublime and a great time in a pleasant atmosphere, with excellent food, is guaranteed. The wine is just as good as the food and if needed, the host can be asked for suggestions. The kitchen prepares the meal in consideration and regards for you, should you have an allergy. The piano is a typical part of a romantic restaurant such as this and cannot miss.

The Bellpepper also comes highly recommended. Glutenfree eaters, vegans, and vegetarians will feel right at home. The kitchen serves German and a mix of European dishes. The open show kitchen with a clear view of the chefs gives this restaurant something very special. The upper atmosphere in combination with the wonderful food makes this place incredible.

Am Bassenheimer Hof

The restaurant „Am Bassenheimer Hof“ is purely relaxing. The stylish restaurant offers a room in the Biedermeier style or, if the guest prefers, in a lodge home design. Here, the sophisticated clientele is very well cared for and will leave satisfied. The „Winzerdomizil“ was built in 1749. The cobblestone, the wild vines and the oak flooring are inspired by this time period. The building has, of course, been modernized over the years, but it still keeps that medieval charm. The Mediterranean dishes are a true pleasure for gourmets.

Am Holztor

The restaurant and wine parlor „Am Holztor“ will be a favorite of your premium escort lady. Regional wine, served with Schnitzel or Steak are always offered. According to the guests, the wine is truly unique and excellent, just like the rump steak. The wine parlor exists since 1896, making it one of the oldest ones and is located right at the heart of the historic city. The service is praised for its cheerfulness and courtesy. Calling it a traditional restaurant with its hearty cuisine is definitely appropriate here.

A selection of hotels in Mainz

Best Western Hotel

The Best Western Hotel is about 10 minutes away from the main station. For travelers on rails, this hotel has the perfect location and gives a nice advantage. The interesting historic city, which should be visited by anyone here, is a mere 1,5 kilometers away. The hotel rooms are ample and modernly decorated. Free Wifi and an internet terminal are available. If you enjoy the Italian cuisine, then the restaurant Da Arnaldo has got many delicacies in store for you. The hotel has two terraces, which are especially attractive during the warm months. The fitness room is open 24/7 and free of any charge. Close by, you can find the Taubertsbergbad, with swimming pools and wellness amenities. The visitor will not be bored and can enjoy his stay with his escort company. If needed, you can make use of the parking space in the basement car park, free of charge.

Intercity Hotel

The Intercity Hotel is also located right by the central station. The rooms present themselves with a flatscreen TV, a large desk and a laptop safe. Wifi can be used in the whole hotel. In the lobby, you can access an internet terminal. The sights, such as the cathedral and the Gutenberg Museum are easy to reach. The hotel will live up to highest standards and a visitor with fine premium escort company can definitely suggest this hotel and all its features.

Novum Select Hotel

The Novum Select Hotel comes recommended. The location of the hotel is a minute of driving away from the A60 highway, making this hotel ideal for drivers. You can take your escort lady here and not worry about a thing. The hotel sports four stars and leaves an appealing impression. The rooms, with a flatscreen satellite TV and Wifi, will be just after your taste. In the morning the breakfast buffet will be ready. Lunch and dinner are served in shape of many delicious international dishes. The terrace in the garden is always very popular, at any time of the year. This hotel combines viability with style and class.

More to know about the city

The Citrus

Of course, a visit to a nice bar should always be up for consideration. The Deja Vu in the historic city describes itself as a pearl. Comfortable and in style, this is the atmosphere of this bar. The own creations of the bar are enhancing the drinks menu. The whiskey and rum lovers can enjoy a Cuban or cigarillos along with the drinks. The Citrus is not only a bar, but an exclusive restaurant at the same time. This old building has a long history as a rail operation, later turned into a fruit hall and then into a bar. The motto goes: „Relish, do not rush“, which should be the motto for a lot of people, not only the bar-goers. Mickey Rourke and Bülent Ceylan were guests of the house.

holy Bonifatius

The massive cathedral is a true landmark of the city. Built one thousand years ago, through the efforts of the holy Bonifatius, this clerical center to the north of the Alps was built. The cathedral burned down seven times and always has been rebuilt. The cathedral stands as a historical witness and should be visited by anyone new to the city.

The Gutenberg Museum

The Gutenberg Museum should be visited to see the two editions of the original Gutenberg Bible, the oldest book in the world, which has been printed with movable letters. The museum is on the opposite side of the dome, making it easy to see both sights. The Mainzer Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing technique with movable letters, cast from iron.

The Fastnachts Fountain

The Fastnachts Fountain symbolizes the fifth season. In January of 1967, the fountain was inducted. At „Fastnacht“, here, the people of Mainz meet to celebrate. The nine-meter-high statue shows the Father Rhine, the monk, the jester and his accessories and the harlequin Till Eulenspiegel can also be seen. About 200 bronze figurines, with jugglers and clowns, placed around the fountain, represent the Mainzer joy for life. A visit to this fountain with your premium escort lady with remain in your memory. Should you be around Mainz for the Fastnacht, you have to come to the fountain. It also is the highpoint of many tourist excursions.

The market fountain

The market fountain is just as popular. The fountain was donated to the city by the electoral prince and the archbishop of Brandenburg as one of the first monuments of the city in the renaissance style. Even back then, the fountains had a clean water supply.

Mainz underground

Mainz has a small world under the city. The underground tunnels are part of Fort Josef. The underworld is a part of the city’s fortifications and practically invisible. The aboveground passageways do not exist anymore. The walk through the arches is exciting. If your escort lady is not afraid of the dark, this will be a memorable one.

The nightlife and more


Close by is the „Kirschgarten“, a small square to stroll along in medieval romance with your escort lady. The small stores invite you to shop, the wine locales to sit down and relax. The restaurant with the same name welcomes you to dwell. A visitor wrote that this was the „Kappelhof“ in the Zuckmayer film „Die Fastnachtsbeichte“. If you like it romantic with a little nostalgia then you have come to the right place. The apartments are located right over the stores, as it used to be common.

Neustadt Apotheke

The Neustadt Apotheke is a café by daytime and it turns into a bar come nighttime. A few parts of the then pharmacy have been integrated into the interior, making great use of the apothecary’s cupboard and the old drug bottles. The specialty is the „Knüppel“ a bread roll with various fillings. The Waldkautz is for the romantics. The café turns into a bar from Thursday to Saturday starting at 8 PM. On the tables you will find black candles instead of the flowers. The wall behind the counter is cladded with gold, looking the part. Along with wines from the region, the guests will get to enjoy different sorts of beer. Cocktail connoisseurs will also find something to their taste.


The casino is always a special attraction for many clients with their premium escort. The games are German Roulette, Black Jack and Poker. Slot machines are of course available a plenty. The admission fee is only a euro with a three euro deposit for the card. The lady would probably like to try her luck as well. Drinks and food are also ready to be served.

The Imperial Mainz

The Imperial Mainz is one of the most popular clubs. Expect chandeliers and arched windows, paired with tunes from the 80s and 90s. The interior design and the overall ambiance of the club are very good according to the reviews.

The Red Cat

The Red Cat is highly praised only. The served cocktails and the whiskey are famous. Your charming female company will love it here.
The host of the Red Cat also opened the Haddocks, just like Captain Haddock from „The Adventures of Tintin“. The venue is small but packed with joy. It can hold 80 people in the one room. It is the definition of the feel-good bar around the corner. Snack and small things to eat can be ordered. The walls are decorated with paintings, such as the portraits of Thilo Weckmüller and Thomas Bauer, local artists from Mainz.

The Caveau

The Caveau is just as appealing with its black and white floor and red walls. Rock, Indie, and Hardcore are among the musical selection. This rock disco is a highlight for many visitors. Expect true catacomb atmosphere.

Mainzer Kaffeemanufaktur

If the day is rainy, take a trip to the „Mainzer Kaffeemanufaktur“. It is a true coffee paradise, located in a quaint backyard. In front of the roasting house, you can find a comfortable café, where you can smell and of course taste the fines coffee. The „Meenzer Mischung“ is a good recommendation. There, you can also see the antique roasting machine, roasting 45 kilos of coffee in one go. It has been used from back in 1956 up until now, impressive.

The Biokaufladen

The Biokaufladen offers hearty bread, fine fruit along with soup and snacks, making this a tasty visit.

St. Stephan. A church

Take her to church and visit St. Stephan. A church with insides held in many different bright blue facets. Truly marvelous are the glass paintings, built into the church in 1978, by Marc Chagall (1897 to 1985).


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