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Located in the northeast of Germany, the charming and versatile Brandenburg offers you endless possibilities, which you can exploit and perfect with your tender escort lady. Surrounded by heavenly, radiant water, it shimmers and sparkles endlessly in the beautiful corners of this state. Do not experience this grandiose paradise on earth alone, but rather with a lovely VIP travel girl Potsdam, who will relax with you on the banks of the Havel and provide you with carefree, sensual times. If you both feel like sports activities, then you are just as much at home in the state capital Potsdam! – Start a locally popular bike tour through the forests and paths of the city or go a little kayaking with your enchanting escort callgirl. In Cottbus, you might stroll through the city’s adventure park or take a look at the local castles, which are historically relevant and architecturally impressive. At the Barzlin you will find a nature reserve, which you can visit and discover on your high class escort date Lübbenau. The city itself offers numerous other natural beauties, which you should not miss! We from the Ivana Models Agency wish you a lot of fun and sensual, seductive moments in complete intimacy at your upcoming meeting in the cities of Brandenburg.


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Your relaxing, discreet date Potsdam on the beautiful banks of the Havel

Potsdam is not only the most populous city that Brandenburg presents to you, it is also the perfect place to go for quiet, relaxing moments. Take an afternoon dedicated exclusively to the banks of the Havel River and enjoy absolute peace and relaxation. But don’t do it alone! Perhaps the discreet high class girl next door will visit you to sweeten your stay a little more? After a relaxing day on the banks of the Havel, you will make your way together to the popular Sanssouci Palace, which also has a beautiful, inviting park in its repertoire and can provide hours of entertainment.

Cycling through Frankfurt Oder with the premium student escort

You certainly know that you can do more than just ride a bike in Frankfurt Oder. But how about a special bike tour that takes you directly to Lake Helene, which is located in the Oder-Spree lake area and thus in close proximity to Frankfurt Oder? On the spot you can make all your dreams come true while you are enchanted by the beauty of the landscapes. For a dreamlike high class girlfriend experience Frankfurt Oder this location is also ideal. You should not forget the 25-storey Oder Tower on your journey. The office tower impresses with its majestic size and its unbeatable view.

Royal times for two mediated by our top class escort agency Cottbus

As soon as you visit Branitz Castle in Cottbus, you will feel as if you were in the baroque era, as it was built in the baroque period. Built at the beginning of the 17th century, the castle and the surrounding Branitz Park still delight countless visitors from all over the world. With the high class escort outcall girl Cottbus at your side, you can also visit the Spremberg Tower – the symbol of the city. In the Markgrafenmühle, which is rented out as an entire accommodation, you will find noble and luxurious accommodation in the evening and enjoy the rest of the time as a couple.

A somewhat different high class escort date – in the open-air museum in Lübbenau

Games, fun and excitement are the main focus here! The open-air museum Lehde sends you and your first class travel girl Lübbenau on a small journey through time, where you will find yourself in the 19th century. The grandiose show, which is offered to you here, is certainly not yet enough, so that you may live on site on the experience places themselves as in the 19th century. Swimming with penguins? In the Spreewelten Bad in Lübbenau this wish will be fulfilled. Of course you can expect a wellness area including sauna in this adventure pool. You can end the evening with a champagne in the bath’s rustic hotel and let your student escort spoil you.

Explore the university city with the student escort Neuruppin

Once again, all doors are open to you in this fontane city. Especially if you are looking for a romantic top class date or even a sensual GFE. Rent a boat to take your lady of your heart, mediated by the discreet Ivana Models Escort Agency, out on the Ruppiner See and enjoy the stunning view together with her. But also on land Neuruppin will show you elegant entertainment, for example in the form of luxurious shopping facilities or hip concerts and parties. For more deluxe fun, the Resort Mark Brandenburg & Fontane Therme provides you with the perfect surroundings.

Wander through Eberswalde on your sporty first class escort date

Anyone who settles in Eberswalde can take up sporting activities with style and class. On the Old Oak Trail, for example, you can hike around and to the beautiful and equally old Hutewald Oaks, which you do not have to admire alone thanks to our exclusive escort service Eberswalde. It is fantastically beautiful here! You and your travel companion will think so as soon as you walk along the Buckowsee Gully. Surrounded by hills and lakes, you will discover the most beautiful things of nature. Enjoy it! In Marina Park Eberswalde you will grab a canoe and go for a ride on the Finow Canal, while your companion will tell you something about herself.

Visit the Beeskow Castle with the discreet girl next door

A castle where almost anything is possible, welcome to Beeskow Castle! No matter if you want to be part of the ever changing events of the location, visit the museum or just be there for a little snack with your deluxe escort callgirl – in this gorgeous castle you will be served in all areas. In the castle’s own café and restaurant “cucina verde” you will experience Mediterranean cuisine in a heavenly ambience. But also for the art and music lovers among you, entertainment is provided. For example, you can visit the music museum or art archive of the legendary castle.

The exclusive girlfriend experience Oranienburg in the castle park at springtime

In the enchanting castle park of the brilliant city of Oranienburg, life is excellent, especially in spring and summer. When the first rays of sunshine smile at you, it’s time to take advantage of our first class escort agency Oranienburg to experience sparkling moments in the castle park with the beautiful, eloquent escort ladies. In the historic park of the castle park you will have a breathtaking view that reaches up to almost 1000 meters and will take you and the escort girlfriend at your side to cloud nine. Romantic, wild, natural – that’s how life is lived in the Schlosspark in Oranienburg. The best way to experience it yourself!

In the historic old town of Perleberg your deluxe date will be a real success

Historical and yet so modern – that is the charm of the city of Perleberg, which is often called Rolandstadt. It owes this name to Roland, a figure that adorns and enchants the city. Street art works of art also embellish the sight when you walk through the streets with your high class escort callgirl Perleberg and have a little snack or a drink in the cute cafés and bars of the town. Fancy some activity? To really let off steam, you can visit the sports park and spend some hot, active hours before you settle down in your luxury accommodation.

In Luckenwalde the post office goes off with a student escort

Here the fun is already preprogrammed! Action-packed entertainment, parties as well as great hiking trails – once you arrive in Luckenwalde, you will certainly not miss it. How about a little skating excursion with your VIP escort lady Luckenwalde? Or would you prefer a hike to the Wurzelberg? This route takes you past pine forests and small, enchanting paths. It goes without saying that this forms a fabulous landscape. You want to experience even more? In this case, you should choose the Forest Experience Trail, which brings you closer to the forest and its magic in over 19 stages.

Heilbaden with the sexy luxury escort girl Bad Belzig

In the thermal brine spa of Belzig you will experience wellness, luxury and seductive moments in an elegant way. Settle down in the spa, let go of your problems and let yourself go. “Almost too beautiful to come true?” You might think now? It becomes even more beautiful! With the right woman, which you can book through our premium escort agency, your stay in Bad Belzig will become a stay in paradise on earth. Lean back; the city itself and the delicate high class escort girl at your side will do the rest.

Enjoy the Rathenow escort service – this is the best way to do it!

The beautiful sight on site is provided by the Kirchberg in the so-called “city of optics”. You will find out why the city bears this name. But first of all you will be enchanted by the view of the Kirchberg within a few seconds, which can only be enhanced by visiting the Old Port in Rathenow. Strolling around you will experience on your high class date how much the city has to offer. For the inquisitive gentlemen a trip to the Optics Industry Museum is certainly suitable, which will accompany you on a short journey around the topic of optics.

In the city of flowers Werder Havel all your dreams will come true on a high class escort date

As a cheerful as well as quiet resort, Werder lives up to its name. Stress and negativity are unknown to the inhabitants of this enchanting town. Perfect to be pampered during a premium girlfriend experience on the banks of the Havel. Surrounded by shimmering waters, you will find absolute peace and quiet before you start an extravagant, exciting and crackling adventure with the escort lady Werder at your side. Sweet as sugar!  In Werder you can taste sweet, tasty apples and grapes, which are said to be the best and sweetest of their kind – even if not as sweet as your heavenly companion.

Musically and festively you are on the road in Herzberg (Elster)

Theater festivals and musical performances will make your heart beat faster and delight you? In this case don’t hesitate too long and contact the Ivana Models Escort Agency today to go on an extravagant and musically as well as festively marked first class date Herzberg (Elster). Sweet, elegant guesthouses and apartments on site invite you to relax a little and maybe enjoy one or two sensual hours together. Also in the castle Grochwitz you can stay like kings and be enchanted by the beautiful building from 1723.

Almost like the Middle Ages with the escort service in Jüterbog

That you can certainly expect more luxury and glamour here than in the Middle Ages is beyond question. Nevertheless, the city of Jüterbog has its very own flair, which you owe to its medieval origins. In such a fascinating city, you cannot ignore the cultural aspects as well as historical places. With the fine, discreet girl next door you stroll through the alleys and streets of Jüterbog and suddenly find yourself in front of the city’s monasteries, which include the monastery of the monks. You can also see the Zinna Monastery and also the Zinna Gate of Jüterbog.

Take the Girl Next Door Prenzlau with you for a swim in the Uckersee

There’s probably nothing more relaxing than enjoying yourself on and in the water with his deluxe student escort Prenzlau. If your way leads you to Prenzlau, you will have endless options on site to indulge in the wet and happy fun in the water. Whether you just want to swim, go canoeing or go surfing – with the right escort your date will be a real success and unforgettable. As a festive conclusion of your date, you will make a small detour to one of the restaurants on the lake and try fine Mediterranean cuisine while enjoying the view of the water.

A perfect girlfriend experience on the sailing tour in Senftenberg

Are you looking for a vacation that’s really something; a vacation that can really offer you everything? Starting with quiet, relaxing wellness moments, sports activities and luxury to glamour? In this case you should make use of our high class escort service Senftenberg and take advantage of the diverse offers of the city. At the lake of the city you can let your feet as well as thoughts dangle while you enjoy the company of the lovely escort lady. In the shopping arcades you will then go on a small shopping tour, which you will complete with a visit to the Restaurant Olympia.

Minigolf and relaxing times at the park with the busty escort in Königs Wusterhausen

Once you arrive on the spot, you will soon recognize the sporty charm of the city and be captivated by it. Suddenly you will find yourself in the city’s Kiebitzpark playing a small game of golf with your top class escort lady Königs Wusterhausen. Remarkable: The course on which you play is a Swedish city golf course. The holes are made of especially noble materials, so that you can expect a luxurious experience. You can also rent a boat and rush across the water with your escort lady or venture a visit to the city’s museums.

Rosy times at the Rosengarten with your travel girl Forst (Lausitz)

May or should it even be romantic? On more than 17 hectares the garden presents 1000 different types of roses in full bloom and beauty. But also versatile greenery, several majestic trees as well as bushes and sculptures will smile at you. How about a sensual escort GFE surrounded by thousands of roses? In the “Pension am Kegeldamm” you will find a comfortable place to stay after a day full of roses, to experience some private hours with your heavenly escort lady. In the hotel & restaurant “Zum blauen Dach” you can not only find suitable accommodation, but also enjoy the hotel’s unusual culinary offerings.

Picturesque natural landscapes can be explored with your exclusive callgirl in beautiful Schwedt / Oder

The beautiful nature parks, which you can admire when you arrive on site, form dreamlike landscapes, which are almost too beautiful to be true. Similar to the enchanting high class escort call girl Schwedt / Or at your side. The nature park Uckermärkische Seen is almost 900 square meters large and presents you natural areas, which you can enjoy on your upcoming VIP date. But you don’t have to miss out on concerts, music festivals or sports activities in Schwedt / Oder. Why not take a short bike tour to the traditional city festival on site and get culturally inspired.

In the Funkstadt am Havelland the students escort Nauen fulfills all your wishes

Did you know that you are in Nauen in a town whose ground plan is almost circular? Stroll along the alleys and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the town. In the Döberitzer Heide you will find yourself in a natural landscape where even some grazing animals have settled down. Regional bike tours are especially suitable around the Havelland, as you will not only experience active hours here, but also be impressed by the stunning beauty of the surrounding nature. The Havel cycle path, for example, takes you both through lake and natural landscapes that you certainly wouldn’t want to miss, especially in the presence of the premium escort outcall girl Nauen.

A piece of heaven on earth – come to Templin with your travel companion

The sweet city of Templin is not without reason considered a spa and recreation resort. Immediately after your arrival you will feel relaxed and you will not be able to wait for hours or even days. In the panorama restaurant of the AHORN Seehotel you will not be able to decide whether you are enchanted by the delicacies of the restaurant or by the view from the twelfth floor where you are. Or perhaps you are enchanted by the young, brilliant escort call girl Templin, whom you have found through our exclusive escort service? In the hotel itself, you can also enjoy the fabulous view of the city from your suite and enjoy a fine wine.

That little bit of extra culture on your premium escort date Eisenhüttenstadt

Visit the Friedrich-Wolf-Theater, which not only presents prestigious performances, but is also considered the meeting point of the four venues in Eisenhüttenstadt, since it is here that they meet and unite. Theater plays, musical performances and other open air festivals, for example, can be missed if you do not visit Eisenhüttenstadt. The students escort Eisenhüttenstadt at your side will love to accompany you on your way to the city museum. There you will be introduced to the history of the city and presented in an interesting way. For bike lovers, this place also offers enough bike paths and other options to be active in nature.

From Berlin to the old town of Bernau with a first class escort service – just a stone’s throw away!

You can experience a short journey through time in Bernau near Berlin! The city takes you back to the Middle Ages at its annual Hussite Festival, where people in medieval clothing demonstrate their sporting skills. As a spectator you can be impressed by knights, costumes, demonstrations and many other extras. Maybe you would like to impress the busty VIP escort callgirl Bernau with your knowledge of the festival? Also impressive are the swordsmen’s meetings, which also take place annually in March and are always exciting. You will get intimacy in one of the accommodations that the city offers you.

From green to blue – the very special GFE Falkensee

Start with an innocent walk that will lead you through the greenery of the city, namely the forests, trees and bushes, and let your path take you to the shimmering waters of the city. With the appropriate first class travel girl Falkensee, the day in nature will be an unforgettable one. A little bathing fun with her while she is lightly dressed and makes a grandiose figure at and in the water? Or would you rather see the sensual escort model’s hiking skills and strut with her for hours through the beautiful green? On the Falkenhagener See you can relax on the shore or venture out on a boat tour. Surely your time on site will be indescribable and hopefully just as unforgettable! Ivana Models wishes you much pleasure.

In the historical old town you can expect joy and action with the busty escort callgirl Angermünde

The innumerable, inviting buildings of the city fascinate people from all over the world for quite some time. Let the beautiful buildings, the marvelous landscapes as well as the beauty of your student escort Angermünde cast a spell on you. The way to the Powder Tower, will certainly be worthwhile, because it is not only historically relevant and beautiful, but is also the only building of the old city fortification, which still exists as a whole. The city wall is also part of it, but only shows individual parts of the building. Excursions on rented ships can also be made here with your escort lady, so that your entire stay can be active and nature-oriented.


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