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Saxony Anhalt

Your escort date in Saxony Anhalt

From the almost 9000 hectare mountain range Harz to the popular Magdeburg Cathedral, which is known and loved not least because of its two spires, to the architectural wonders in Dessau, you can expect any kind of entertainment on your VIP escort date in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. Be it art, culture, nature or a historically or architecturally relevant building – in Saxony-Anhalt you will experience diversity in its most beautiful form. How about a royal excursion to the castle Wernigerode, which is also located in the immediate vicinity of the Harz National Park? Alternatively, let yourself be enchanted by the numerous waterways, the Elbe, the Elbe-Havel-Canal or the Saale. Enjoy the heavenly time with your personal travel companion and explore together the brilliant federal state Saxony-Anhalt. Anyone staying in this federal state will certainly be confronted with the topic of railroads, and in every conceivable way. Marvel at the railroad lines together with your stunning first class escort call girl, visit the railroad tour or gain valuable insights into the railroad museums. The artistic wonder “Green Citadel” by Hundertwasser should not be ignored either. It is located in Magdeburg and invites you and your premium escort lady to carefree, inspiring hours. Let yourself be drawn under the spell of the city or even the state! 

Your personal top class escort Girlfriend Experience in Magdeburg in the Elbauenpark

The handsome, popular park in Magdeburg is considered the second most beautiful park that Germany has in its repertoire. But it is not only because of this title that the handsome park & garden is always well visited. Rather, it is due to its majestic size, which covers an incredible 90 hectares, and its colorful, lively diversity. High up? If you want to see this view from high above, you can take a seat in a stunning company – arranged by the Ivana Models Escort Agency Magdeburg – on the observation tower, which will take you up to a height of 40 meters. Enjoy the colorful mixture and the beautiful landscape, in which your travel companion looks even more radiant.

Finest pleasure with the discreet Girl Next Door in Halle

Once you arrive in Halle, you will notice all the gourmet restaurants and regional and international delicacies. The city itself loves and lives for enjoyment and therefore presents a varied, wide-ranging offer of culinary delights. On your upcoming high class escort date in Halle, visit the Balaton, which with its rustic furnishings and familiar ambience always ensures a comfortable feeling and good mood. The hearty, Hungarian cuisine will take you and your call girl to cloud nine. Experience delicacies such as the “Halle poultry liver” or the “Wippra game goulash” in the trendy restaurant “Alchimistenklause”, which honors a good reputation and attracts guests from all over the world. Bon appetite!

On a visit to the theater with the student escort in Dessau-Roßlau

The Anhaltisches Theater Dessau cordially invites you – to a visit full of tingling moments, fine champagne and a show that is full of surprises. The Kühnauer Landscape Park certainly has it all. It comes from the early 19th century and is embraced by the Kühnauer See. The Hotel Weinbergschlösschen, which is located in the center of the park, is the perfect place to end your date in a first-class way, so that you can spend the rest of the time relaxing and sensual after you have admired and enjoyed the park and its magnificent green. After all, it is one of the most beautiful places the city of Dessau-Roßlau has to offer.

Enjoy a top class escort service in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg

This city offers you valuable sights as far as the eye can see, starting with the Hundertwasser School, which even offers guided tours inside, to the famous castle church, to the Luther Garden, which now houses over 500 trees. “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would perish, I would still plant an apple tree today” Martin Luther planted hope and is still today a decisive factor for the magnificent green of the city. The Luther Garden also shows international strength by representing each continent with a different tree. Vivid, impressive, instructive – that’s how you can be on the road in Wittenberg with your accompanying lady.

Picturesquely on the way you are with the luxury escort call girl in Naumburg

Picturesque landscapes, vineyards, small alleys and waters – welcome to Naumburg, a city that will turn your head and your exclusive escort lady’s head in a matter of seconds. Between art and nature, you will feel like in paradise here and may enjoy this in stunning company, as you have made use of our discreet escort service. For canoe trips or hiking tours the nature of the city is just as suitable as for romantic walks or dinner dates. The restaurant Alt-Naumburg, which is also a popular guesthouse, is the perfect place for this. Let yourself fall!

In the fairy tale garden “Paradise” with your lovely, fabulous first class escort lady in Bernburg

Experience and create your own personal fairytale in the legendary city of Bernburg! In the fairy tale garden “Paradise” you will find yourself with your dreamlike deluxe escort call girl Bernburg in a versatile as well as hip garden, which presents you among other things the fairy tale castle. In this garden there are demonstrations which tell the stories of the Brothers Grimm. But Bernburg is certainly not lacking in museums or sports facilities. You can take a tour on the park railroad “Krumbholz” to experience the beautiful places and the glittering nature of the city up close. Create your fairytale VIP date in Bernburg, your Ivana Models Team wishes you a lot of fun!

At the fresh air in the world heritage city with the premium travel company in Quedlinburg

Surrounded by parks and woods as well as gardens and waters, you will certainly get your money’s worth on your upcoming high class escort date in Quedlinburg and you will be able to enjoy some free minutes. Together with the stunning top class model you will stroll through the Abbey Garden and Brühl Park of the city. The ecogarden in Quedlinburg is just as beautiful and exciting. You can enjoy its beauty and freshness in great company. “Das Schnitzelhaus” zum Kleers will then ensure a perfect end to your date and will fulfill every culinary dream for both of you.

Walk through the city with your discreet girl next door in Sangerhausen

Let yourself fall, relax and let yourself be seduced and enchanted by your First Class escort lady – on your upcoming date. The South Harz Forest offers both of you – if you are longing for a short hike – perfect conditions for relaxed walking sessions or hiking tours. Explore the area on a relaxing, fun hike with your travel companion in Sangerhausen. But also for the cyclists among you the sporty part of the vacation does not have to be left out! In the area Mansfeld-South Harz you can do bike tours, motorcycle tours and many other activities together. In order to dine comfortably and then to relax, you can check in as a couple at the Hotel am Rosengarten and enjoy your private time.

Discover the thousand-year-old history of the city through VIP escort service Merseburg

Merseburg will be especially exciting for music lovers! The city regularly invites you to its organ days and thus delivers a fabulous music festival that attracts guests from all over the world. Maybe you already have, in the company of a charming luxury escort call girl in Merseburg? But certainly that is not enough! You can also enjoy yourself in a sportive way, for example skating, hiking or swimming. The stunning parks of the city also invite you to stay and offer you both a romantic basis for your escort date in Merseburg. On the water? A boat trip, that is beautiful! Especially if it takes place on the waterways of the heavenly city of Merseburg.

In the castle of the city with your charming deluxe travel companion Wernigerode

Romantic and royal will be in the castle Wernigerode, which you should visit in the best case with an equally romantic and lovely escort lady. Together you will look at the architectural wonder and be inspired by its beauty. The Harz National Park will provide you with the natural component on your premium date and will give you both relaxation and peace. Furthermore, you can enjoy great hikes before you check into the Monopol Apartments in the evening and successfully end the evening. As you can see, Wernigerode also promises you an incomparable variety and therefore a breathtaking time, which you don’t have to spend alone thanks to the Ivana Models Escort Agency Wernigerode.

From castle to castle on your VIP escort date in Falkenstein / Harz

Along the Selke, a charming river in Falkenstein / Harz, let yourself be seduced by the beauty of pure nature and the eloquence of your enchanting deluxe travel companion. Enjoy your high class time with the lady of your choice in complete tranquility. In the museum Burg Falkenstein / Harz you will find both of you in a castle from the 12th century.  In one of the beautiful districts of the city you can – together with your gorgeous deluxe escort lady Falkenstein / Harz – have a look at the popular castle Meisburg and learn something about its history. In the Romantik Hotel am Brühl you can experience the first-class escort service of your escort and concentrate on

The knights on the trace with a graceful roofridge high class escort lady in Hettstedt

In the fabulous castle Oberwiederstedt you are in a former manor, which will fascinate you and your brilliant top class escort girl Hettstedt within a very short time. For the nature part of your dream date the oil ground pond, which belongs to the highlights of the city and provides for relaxation. Greek cuisine and an excellent service may expect you in the popular restaurant Akropolis before you settle down in the Ringhotel Villa Westerberge and let yourself be enchanted by the arts of the beautiful escort lady. The discreet Girl Next Door in Hettstedt is already looking forward to your time together and is just waiting for your call!

Pure happiness! Carefree times with the first class escort call girl in Wanzleben-Börde

Wherever you look, you will see bright greenery, radiant villages and hospitable inhabitants. Enjoy a dreamlike high class date in Wanzleben-Börde completely. You can enjoy culture and history in Wanzleben Castle or at the Irxleben Church. Together with your dazzling beauty, you will stroll carefree over the market of the town until you settle down in the “Hotel Burg Wanzleben” to enjoy the first class service of the hotel and its restaurant. Alternatively we can recommend the luxurious, romantic “Pension Luna et Sol – Haus am See”. For sensual moments, with an escort GFE for example, this accommodation is certainly an excellent choice.

In Märzenbechertal you hold the tender hand of the discrete girl next door in Allstedt

Idyllic! Let the surrounding nature take effect on you, let your worries vanish, let yourself fall. And this for no less an occasion than your upcoming top class escort date in Allstedt.  In the Märzenbechertal valley near Landgrafroda, a nature reserve, you will achieve complete peace and quiet while listening to the chirping of the birds. If you feel like outdoor sports, a hike on the Bottendorf hill is a good idea. In the Schloss-Café Allstedt you can enjoy a small bite to eat and a delicious coffee before you dedicate yourself to further activities in the heavenly nature. In the evening, your dinner will take place in the popular “Anglerklause”, which will provide you with hearty steak and many other delicacies.

From sight to sight on your top class escort date in Bad Schmiedeberg

In this city, one handsome building after the other smiles at you, and in the middle of it all, your enchanting high class travel companion in Bad Schmiedeberg. Take her by the hand and walk with her through the Dübener Heide, a forest and heath, which you should certainly visit! As another popular highlight of the city, Seven-Arm-Pillar cuts a fine figure. Similar to the way your charming escort lady does. Sensual, romantic moments for two or even on an escort duo date can be enjoyed at the Kurhotel Bad Schmiedeberg, where your charming companion will take excellent care of you. The top restaurants in Bad Schmiedeberg serve the culinary part of your journey in the best possible way.

In the Renaissance with the elegant high class escort call girl in Annaburg

Close to the magnificent city of Annaburg you will find the magnificent Renaissance castle Hartenfels, which invites you and your dreamlike companion to a small round tour. In the castle Klöden you can admire wonderful treasures, after you have allowed yourself a small bite in the “Al Dente Jessen”, an excellent restaurant in Annaburg. Together with the beguiling first class travel companion in Annaburg you can enjoy endless sensual moments, forget your everyday life for a little look and let yourself go completely. In the restaurant “BlauHaus” you can enjoy the finest, authentic German cuisine and at the same time enjoy the exquisite drinks as well as the hospitality and selected service. The city itself presents you small alleys, beautiful streets and a great nature, which you may explore and admire together with the escort lady.

On the market place you stroll with your enchanting deluxe escort lady in Genthin

Walking along the beautiful ornamental fountain, your gaze wanders to the stunning park, which you may admire in great company by our VIP escort service in Genthin. The city church St. Trinitatis Genthin is a baroque, imposing church, which you should not miss during your stay in Genthin. After all, it is considered the town’s landmark. At Burg Hotel Ziesar you will find comfortable and elegant accommodation after an eventful day with your travel companion in Genthin and arrive at your hotel room completely relaxed. For a sensual high class girlfriend experience, the romantic little town of Genthin is also an excellent choice. Let your fantasies run wild and create an unforgettable escort date, which will give you both endless friends.

With the escort agency in Jessen (Elster) you will find your dream date

The moated castle Hemsendorf is located – as the name suggests – in Hemsendorf in Jessen and is surrounded by moats. The direct proximity to the surrounding river gives the castle a sparkling ambience, which you can best enjoy with a top class escort call girl. Admire the nature, the beauty of the castle, the beauty of the water, but especially the beauty of the young, seductive escort lady in Jessen (Elster). The historic paltrock windmill Schönewalde is not only under monumental protection, but also illuminated in its full glory, which is why we warmly recommend a trip to Schönewalde in Jessen. The “Bergschlösschen” is a fine restaurant that can offer you delicious delicacies as well as good beer.

Relax at the lake – on your luxury escort date in Leuna

The city of Leuna shimmers with glittering lakes and pure nature. A little swimming session? The lake Geiseltalsee invites you to linger. At the Kulkwitzer See you can not only relax, but also try out water skiing or camp with your charming deluxe escort lady. “Luppe” is a pretty river in the beautiful Leuna. In the “Ristorante Heiterer Blick Leuna” you can enjoy excellent Italian cuisine, including the classics like pasta and pizza, but also seasonal dishes that always vary. From porcini mushrooms to pork steak and schnitzel, you can expect everything your heart could desire in the “Ristorante Heiterer Blick” and also on your high class escort date in Leuna. Before your way leads you to one of the top hotels in Leuna, you might share a “Tartuffo Al Limoncello” in the wonderful restaurant.

It will be mystical and majestic with your enchanting first class escort lady in Bodetal

No matter if you are longing for an active sports vacation or if you are looking for a wellness-oriented stay, with our discreet escort agency Bodetal every vacation will be a real success. The city itself offers you a wide range of entertainment and invites you and your discreet travel companion to go hiking, swimming or relaxing. Afterwards you will enjoy an entertaining show at the Harz Mountain Theater and have some snacks. The Waldbühne Altenbrak is a popular open-air stage, which offers you both theater and music festivals. But also the clubhouse Thale provides the right swing. With dance evenings, classical or rock music, the guests here are encouraged to party and dance. Of course you can also expect exquisite wines and delicious drinks.



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