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The popular island, which has a lot to offer – we are talking about Mykonos. The contrast between tender, beautiful, quiet beaches and exciting nights makes the city so mystical and popular. It is probably one of the most visited islands in the world. After all, it really has a lot to offer. Those who long for an adventure and are not interested in a normal holiday should consider Mykonos as their next destination. Renowned restaurants, millions of yachts and glamorous accommodations to look at. Who could say no? In any case, we don’t. Let radiant people, villas and all the events that Mykonos brings with it bring you into a new world. A must see there is definitely the Hora, a place that lies in the Aegean Sea. Here you can see the island and experience beautiful old paths and cathedrals up close and get a picture of the former life. 

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A pretty exciting activity, which you should definitely experience in the enchanting company of a beautiful high class escort in Greece. Equally exciting are the windmills on Mykonos, which are located on the beach. If you go to the windmills at night, you can see how beautifully they are illuminated. The extravagant parties, which always go into the morning and are both wild and glamorous, provide the necessary good mood. No matter where you are in Mykonos, your high class escort model is sure to find the perfect place to celebrate. At every corner lurks the champagne, paired with colorful cocktails and beautiful people who all dance. Mykonos is not least known for its enchanting beaches and the great, clear water. So how about a beach holiday in distant Mykonos? Luxury hotels directly at the sea that offer more luxury than other locations. Thus, those who want to indulge in the nice weather and go for a swim can settle in one of the following hotels.

The extensive wellness area of the Mykonos Blu Grecotel Exclusive Resort can be regarded as an extra. Two floors full of wellness can be found here, including a huge pool from which you can even see the sea. In the charming suites and bungalows of the hotel you can admire the finest designs and enjoy the unusual furniture and furnishings. So that you do not have to do this completely alone, you can, found by our discreet escort agency, take your personal high class escort lady with you on this beautiful journey and get the vacation of your life. Light showers will make your stay even more beautiful for you and the VIP student escort model and allow you the one or other sensual moment. In the modern and well-equipped fitness room of the resort you can do sports and undergo various beauty treatments, which will relieve you of all the stress. A true holiday of relaxation!

So that it doesn’t get too monotonous and therefore boring, you will find a large jeweller’s shop right next to the hotel, where you can view and buy the most beautiful and sparkling jewellery. The restaurant, which belongs to the hotel, has a wide selection of the finest and freshest seafood and everything that belongs to it. Opened in 1993, the Cavo Paradiso Club in Mykonos is known for its fabulous, glittering lights. Besides the sparkling water, the club, which mainly plays house music, is even more exciting and glamorous. Elegance and noble aspects in a club. On more than 3000 square meters Cavo Paradiso provides a truly paradisiacal and heavenly experience. Something you definitely must have experienced with your high class travel escort. In the Queen Mykonos Bar you will find true kings and queens. Experience a royal party experience with the beautiful VIP escort model. This bar has the advantage of acting more like a café during the day, so you can enjoy a coffee and a few snacks during the day and have tasty drinks in the evening or at night.

The Queen Mykonos Bar is famous for its sparkling wine, which is said to be very luxurious and tasty. Scandinavian Bar – an important part of the Mykonos nightlife. Famous DJs and fine drinks promise the guests wonderful stays and parties, which have it in themselves. Cool down in the hot Mykonos party nights with the excellent cocktails and swing with your high class escort escort very elegantly and skilfully the dance leg. In Mykonos you also have the opportunity to participate in various dance events and dance courses to be sure that you will look good next to the high class escort model in Mykonos, because she will certainly do it! If you still need suitable outfits for your night of wild partying, you can go to the glamorous shopping street in Mykonos. There you will find everything from stylish, traditional outfits to the most expensive luxury designer brands – everything a man’s heart could desire. In the best case, you have already found the matching woman through our discreet escort agency, via our website! If this is not the case, you can go through the wonderful list of all pretty high class escort models and make your booking right now. In the courtyards of many beautiful cocktail bars, drinks can be enjoyed outdoors, in the open air, which sparkles wonderfully at night, while listening to classical music.

If you are looking for a lot of glamour, the Astra Bar is the place for you. Gold, glitter and an ambience as if you were in the 70s – this is how you can imagine the Astra Bar on Mykonos. You can also see a lot of decoration and some designer pieces here. If you were more interested in yachts, here is a very interesting tip for you. On the island of Delos, near Mykonos, you can enjoy a cruise on a majestic yacht that lasts about seven hours. If you express a special wish and raise the necessary small change for it, you can even start such a yacht trip all alone with your high class escort model, in complete privacy. You will be offered a fine, noble menu and the best champagne. You also have the chance to go swimming with your high class escort model Mykonos. Therefore the yacht always stops at the right spots. So you can admire the beauty of the different places in the water and at the same time the high class escort girl in a bikini. If necessary it is also permitted to go snorkelling at some places of the cruise – a very exciting experience, which is not offered to one daily.

Especially as there is hardly another water where the water is as clear and beautiful as in Mykonos. Before this cruise you can reveal your personal preferences, so that enough snacks and drinks will be provided on board. For a few sensual moments in complete togetherness there is enough space on the yacht, which is spread over several rooms. Venture the step into the unknown and mystical Mykonos and experience all the fascinating things together with your personal high class escort model. We are sure you will enjoy all the water sports and luxury Mykonos has to offer and have a wonderful time in and around the water. Because it is here that you should appreciate and enjoy all the waters, as in other areas they are hardly as beautiful as in Mykonos.



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