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The northernmost city of St. Petersburg has a lot to offer. Around 5 million people live in its large area. It is best known for its enchanting sparkle in the dreamlike sky between May and July. This time is called the White Nights, since the city never completely darkens at this time, but always has a slightly shimmering light. Doesn’t that sound pretty romantic? We think so too. This would probably be a very sensual trip with many pleasures. As soon as the white nights are over, the people of St. Petersburg celebrate their traditional cultural festival. Basically, St. Petersburg is known for its wonderful and exciting festivals. So you could also look forward to the famous St. Petersburg Jazz Festival, which takes place in November, or to the International Theatre Festival in October. As you can see, there are really no limits to what you can do in St. Petersburg. If you are then accompanied by a beautiful young high class escort student model, nothing can go wrong.

The huge and beautiful Four Seasons Hotel is located right in the centre of St. Petersburg. There, where you will find extreme peace while you indulge in the noble interior. If you leave the hotel, you will find yourself directly opposite the palace square, which is just waiting to be visited. It offers a great place to enjoy and rest. 

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St. Petersburg Russland Besichtigung des Schlosses Peterhof

The hotel is basically only a few minutes away from all the important places in St. Petersburg. This means that if you both feel like some action, all you have to do is get out of the door. The detailed furnishings of the hotel are also very attractive. The impressive, chic lobby is decorated with noble chandeliers and has a very majestic touch. The marble columns, which are also located there, give the atmosphere the right finishing touch. All furniture is of high quality and particularly impressive. Among them are some unique pieces and designer pieces, which you want to be admired. Your own room is also only equipped with the best furniture and materials. The large and modern bathrooms leave a lot of space to relax or simply to let off steam with the premium  escort girl. If you go on the terrace of the room, you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful and intimate courtyard of the hotel. Of course, the staff will be available at all times and you can always rely on the fact that you, at any time, can express special wishes, which the team will of course be happy to fulfil for you or has already read from your lips.

If you want to go to St. Petersburg by car or by one of your own vehicles, you can make use of the hotel’s wide range of garages and park your car there. Of course, the wellness offer should not be missing either. In the warm bubbling whirlpool in the evening you can enjoy a little togetherness with the VIP escort Service St. Petersburg to really enjoy your holiday. If you opt for an extra luxurious maisonette suite, you will even have your own private lounge area where you can make appointments, eat or simply have fun. On two floors you can fully enjoy yourself and do everything that suits you. For those who don’t want to go out for a snack, the Bellevue Brasserie is the place to grab a bite. This is located on the top floor and thus offers you a few beautiful views. From up there you can see the city in all its beauty – the Isaac Cathedral, the church, the chapel and the palace square. Take the enchanting high class escort by your hand and marvel at this great view. While you enjoy the view together, you can enjoy fresh French and Russian cuisine in the brasserie, which you can then taste with a fine drop of wine from the wine cellar of the hotel. Old furniture, antique accessories and an open fireplace – the wine cellar is a real gem! The State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel is an important mention. This hotel is also located right in the middle of St. Petersburg, so you will have direct access to all the important places. The famous boutiques are also nearby.

A small shopping tour is always provided for, so that you and the high class escort model will always have the best shopping experience. The Russian Museum or the Mariinsky Theatre offer a good leisure activity for all those interested in culture and history. The almost perfect staff is always dressed immaculately and behaves highly professional at all times. No matter what topic, question or requirement you come to them with, they will definitely be catered to, quickly and professionally! Of course, they are also happy to take on special requests from you in order to make your stay with the high class escort even more pleasant. In the hotel’s own spa you can really let yourself be spoiled. Give yourself a whole day with the beautiful massages and pamperings of the staff. You will certainly feel very relaxed and good at the end of the day! The wonderful VIP escort lady St. Petersburg, who will accompany you, will surely like this very much! The large whirlpool offers a lot of space, both for herself and for the beautiful young lady at your side. Together you can enjoy a humid and happy experience and give yourself completely to each other.

In your own room, or rather in your own suite, you will be thrilled by the interior and find a highly comfortable selection of chic furniture. And also if you are offered many other extras. A mixture of Italian works of art and a lot of modernity television to recognize the rooms. So there are cosmetic mirrors for the ladies, which are made of Greek marble. Basically the different rooms differ in style, so that you should decide together with your top escort model what you really want and what you like most. In the two beautifully designed restaurants you can enjoy the delicacies of the chef on a large area. You will always be served suitable wines, which you can taste during the meal. For special wishes the staff is very open and will gladly take care of it. Try it out for yourself! In the Birreriya Pub you can watch the two owners doing everything they can to deliver only the best to their guests. In this location elegance and glamour meet a relaxed ambience. So you can choose between the finest and exquisite cocktails but also many beers on the menu. We think this is exactly the right place for you and your personal high class escort, which you can book through our discreet escort agency St. Petersburg.

Not to mention the wonderful panoramic view that you get as soon as you look out of the bar. The Redrum Bar is both a bar and a nightclub. And this combined in one. Just for that it is worth visiting the Redrum Bar. Besides its variety, it also offers refreshing and selected cocktails and at night a mood you won’t easily experience anywhere else! Nevertheless it is very elegant and minimalistic. White brick walls adorn the bar and make it what it is – unique. In the Sidreriya Bar you will be surprised at every corner with traditional Russian drinks and habits. Definitely a good place to go if you want to experience Russia in its full glory and are interested in the cultural aspects of the country and the city. The charming company will certainly feel very comfortable here, and hopefully you too! Ivana models wishes you a lot of fun during your stay!


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